Membership Benefits / Terms & Conditions:

Video of your very own bike being built - Whaaat, how cool is this!! Where else can you get a video of your new ride being built? That’s right...only through FattE-Bikes!

Once your bike’s complete we’ll send a video of it going through our design and build process. You can then share it through social media and show it off so your friends and family can see the amazing new FattE-Bike you’re receiving.

Entry into the FattE-Bike Rewards Program - As part of the FattE.C you will receive your very own FattE “ID”. Each member of the FattE.C receives a personalized QR code that you can adhere to your bike or battery and whenever you find yourself in conversation about the bike you can have the person you're speaking with scan your QR code. When that person then buys a FattE-Bike, we’ll be able to trace the referral back to you! You’ll then receive $200 worth of store credit (aka FattE-Buck$) that can be applied towards anything in our store such as spare batteries, panniers, locks, car racks, trailers and SO much more!

Plus, the person you referred will also be rewarded with a $200 discount on their FattE-Bike purchase. And all thanks to you!

5 Year Frame and 2 Year Component Extended Warranty - Your extended warranty covers the entire bike except for the battery which remains on a 1yr warranty. It also does not apply towards normal wear and tear but only components proven to be faulty under the warranty. See terms of Warranty here.

Free FattE-Bike Tee Shirt and Schwag bag - You’ll receive an email from us confirming your preferred shirt size and will arrange for an in store pickup or we’ll send it when we ship your bike.

Eligible to trade in your used FattE-Bike for a brand new FattE-Bike - This is applicable anytime between 18-24 months from time of ownership. FattE-Bikes reserves the right of refusal based on bikes condition and resell value, however we will do our best to offer a fair trade in value that you can apply towards the purchase of our newest, latest and greatest ebikes. We upgrade software, components and our custom options regularly, so trading in your old FattE-Bike will not only ensure that you’re always cruising on a fresh new ride, but that your used bike will then be cleaned up and sold to someone who can’t typically afford a new bike. FattE-Bikes will assess your overall bike condition including the look, the mileage, the wear and tear, and condition of all electrical components including the software, throttle, motor and battery. Based on our assessment, we will determine a trade in value that you can choose to accept, in which case we will put your new bike into our immediate build queue to fast track you to the front of the line. However, if you do not choose to trade in your bike but feel you could get more money by selling it on your own and then applying that towards a new bike that’s perfectly acceptable of course. However, you would then be at the end of the queue just as every new customer is. So, we will do our best to offer you a fair trade in value in order for it to be a win win and get you on a brand new FattE-Bike as quickly as possible. Please note, that this is only applicable to bikes returned directly to our shop in Denver, CO. We’re working to open this option to out of state members and hope to have it available soon. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Invites to events, gatherings and group rides - The purpose of becoming a FattE.C member is to bring people together. We all have FattE-Bikes,therefore we all have something in common. You’ll receive invites to private events where you can meet and hang out with new people. We all want to be a part of something and the FattE.C is here to help bring us together.

First look at new offerings - Whether it’s new accessories, software, or even new bike models, you’ll be the first to know what’s coming down the pipeline.

Invitations to quarterly zoom meetings - Hear from our founders and find out what’s happening in the world of FattE-Bikes. Plus, this is a great opportunity to contribute your thoughts and ideas to the team.

Terms and conditions:

All memberships are a 1 time $199 charge and come with a lifetime membership*! Let’s grow this community together! For anyone opting into our membership program AFTER they’ve already received their bike, you will still be eligible for all our perks except for the video of your bike being built, and your warranty will begin from the time of receipt of your bike. You’ll also be responsible for any shipping charges related to sending out your tee shirt and other items.

For anyone opting into our membership program more than 7 days after purchase of their FattE-Bike will not be eligible to receive a video of their bike being built as it may already be in the production process.

Your rewards points (aka FattE-Buck$) cannot be redeemed for cash and must be used as store credit.

For any members located outside of Colorado, you’re still eligible for all the benefits, however the bike trade in will have to be assessed on a one off basis as we continue to work on the best way to make a trade in happen for you.

Any events related to your FattE-C membership will be held in Denver, CO or surrounding areas (predetermined by FattE-Bikes.) For anyone outside of these areas, we are working to create events near you as well, which is why it’s important for us to grow our communities as much as possible. If you have any interest in hosting a ride or event please communicate with us so we can see if and how best to make that happen.

Additional memberships may be purchased if you have more than one FattE-Bike for a discounted rate of $149 per bike.

*If you opt to do our bike trade in (between 18-24 months of owning your FattE-Bike) there will be a $99 charge in order to provide the extended warranty on your new bike.