Customize Your ebike fleet

earn more
higher quality ebikes, great commissions, low minimums

customize your ebikes
brand your ebike fleet with custom colors and styling

Built in the USA
wow your customers with quality & performance

brand your ebike fleet

Make your ebike fleet something special that represents your organization and delights your customers.

We'll custom paint the frames, fenders and racks. Pick out your seats, pedals, handlebar styles and more, so you have a distinguishable ebike fleet that embodies your brand.


Built to last

Better built ebikes last longer and keep maintenance costs down.

High quality, USA built bikes will be more reliable and help you generate greater revenue while reducing maintenance headaches.


why fat tires?

Fat tires provide a more comfortable ride, as the lower air pressure creates more of a 'cushion'.

The fat tires also give your riders more control over uneven and rough surfaces, and have a much shorter emergency stopping distance. This means better safety for your fleet.

We also install Mr. Tuffy liners to reduce flats!



Start for less, earn more

Customization allows you to make decisions about what features you need most.

Our minimum order size is 6 ebikes, so you can start your new fleet with a lower investment. Get additional discounts at 10+ ebikes.

Earn great commissions: $250 for every ebike sold through our fleet partner affiliate program.


Ebike Rental Fleet Specifications and Options

  • Motor: 750/500 Watt Bafang
  • Battery: 48v/16AH, Panasonic cells (21 AH option)
  • Frames: 6061 alloy
  • Paint: custom painted, powder-coated
  • Fenders (option): durable aluminum, custom painted
  • Tires: tire liners + sealant
  • Brakes: Hydraulic disc, upgraded pads (mechanical option)
  • Drivetrain: upgraded Shimano drivetrain
  • Black rear-rack with brake light included.

Extras: extra batteries, fast chargers, GPS trackers installed, extra long seat posts, and more.

We Set You Up for Success

  • Your very own custom fleet of FattE-Bikes
  • Ebike fleet financing information
  • Insurance information
  • Rental waiver information
  • Sales Training
  • Maintenance & Upkeep Training
  • Rent, Ready, Ride Training
  • Marketing strategies
  • Bike sign branding options
  • Ongoing support

How will you distinguish your Electric Bike Rental fleet ?