Fat Tire Electric Bike
Why a fat tire electric bike? We can’t imagine an ebike without them.

not your
average ebike

Fat Tire Electric Bike Sgt. Mingo

sergeant mingo

Fat Tire Electric Bike - Penalosa


Fat Tire Electric Bike - Londonderry

the londonderry

The FattEbikes Difference


FattE-Bikes sells bikes for significantly less than the average market price.   Most ebikes can run from $2,500 – $5,000+.  Whereas all our bikes are priced right around $2,000.  Less expensive Ebikes don’t come with as many features, aren’t built in the US and offer little to no customization.

Stronger batteries with greater range

 Most companies offer one size / strength battery.  Whereas we offer 3. Our (standard / base option) is 48V 14.5Ah.  This is what most companies offer as their strongest option.  Whereas we also offer a 48V 17.5Ah and 48V 21Ah battery.  Far stronger than our competitors.  

Locally built in the US! 

FattE-Bikes are built right here in Denver, CO!  FattE-Bikes is one of the only ebike companies to actually assemble and build our bikes in the US.  Very very few companies are assembling / building their bikes in the US because it’s much less expensive to have people overseas do all the work.  In doing so, they sacrifice quality control as well as they’re ability to be there for their customers and service bikes if / when needed.  FattE-Bikes recognized this early on and is now not only Denver’s 1st Electric bike company but also one of the only ones in the country to build our bikes locally.

Solar Powered 

FattE-Bikes is the only solar powered ebike company in the country!  Thanks to our neighbors / landlords Namaste Solar, our entire facility is run off renewable energy.  This means that everything we do and every bike we produce was done using solar power.  Pretty cool!  Due to this and some other steps we’ve taken we believe FattE-Bikes is THE most eco-friendly Electric Bike company in the Country

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