Each model has A story


Named after Annie Londonderry, the first woman to bicycle around the world in 1894. This fat tire electric bike has an elegant step-through frame so you can commute in style. Built in the USA you can personalize your frame and fender colors, your seats/grips, and more.


Named after brothers Gil & Enrique Penalosa, who championed cycling for the masses in Columbia and around the world. This folding fat tire electric bike stands out for the quality of it's powder-coat finish, quality components, and the performance of a hand-built electric folding bike only achieved by a master bike mechanic. Pick your colors and styling for your own personalized folding e bike.

Sgt Mingo

The Sgt. Mingo model is named after one of the leaders of the famous Buffalo Soldiers all African-American Army 25th Infantry Bicycle Corps. This fat tire electric bike has a sturdy, innovative mountain bike style frame perfect for the trails and streets. Built in the USA, this ‘go anywhere, do anything’ fat electric fat tire bike gives you performance and styling.

Major T

Named after the 1st African American superstar and world cycling champion Major Taylor. This fat tire electric cargo bike is BUILT IN THE USA by Master Bike Mechanics. Personalize your fat tire cargo bike: select your frame, fenders and rack color combinations, seat and grips styling and more. Built to carry just about everything - the kids, the dog, and the kitchen sink.


in Denver in 2017. We are the first ebike company to operate in Denver, and one of just a few ebike companies to build ebikes in the U.S.A.

We learned early on that if ebikes are built overseas, they just aren't as well put together as when we do it ourselves.

In building our ebikes in the U.S.A, we are able offer more color options, better quality paint and assembly, more customization than anyone. This makes FattE-Bikes the most customizable ebike brand in the world.

While we use premium globally-sourced ebike components, we strive to source locally, create local jobs, and most importantly, provide industry-leading quality control and customer care.

What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

"We love out FattE-Bikes. We have over 700 miles on them over Mountains, trails. We range in age between 27-68 and we all have a great experience.
— Bob K.