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Fat Tire Electric Bikes

Fat Tire Electric Bike Sgt. Mingo

sgt. mingo

Fat Tire Electric Bike - Penalosa


Fat Tire Electric Bike - Londonderry


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‘I just wanted to share with you how much I absolutely love the bike! Yesterday I went on a ride shortly after it was dropped off. I couldn’t be happier with my new ride!!!!’ ‘You kidding? Of course we could post a testimonial. Best purchase decision I made. Love this bike!… “It sounds strong, but…it saved my life’

– Pam and Danny L.

Very excited for our new bikes. Thank you Kenny and staff! We love our bikes and had a great experience customizing and purchasing. We are looking forward to many rides.

– Doug and Christie

I love my FattE Londonderry. In just 4 weeks I put 160 miles and its the winter here in Santa Fe, New Mexico! I go days without getting in my vehicle and not worrying about parking when I am out and about is such a relief. This bike has made my life more efficient and the additional exercise is a great bonus!

I have loved using my e bike. Not only has it been great getting me to where I need to go, but I feel a lot safer in the process. I don’t know if it is the speed or the size of the tires, but cars seem to respect me more by giving me more space and not wizzing by.

We took this at the top of Moose Mountain Ski Area about 10 miles from downtown Fairbanks. Its also our backyard as we live on the hill. Weathers getting colder but we are learning how to use our bikes on the trails and (our Fatte-Bikes) are getting some local attention!

I rode (my Fatte-Bike) in the twinkle light parade tonight
My bike gets lots of attention; even our awesome mayor asked me about it @ another bike event.

I met Kenny as the sustainability summit, and the fat tires caught my eye. The first time my wife and I rode them we just had big smiles on our faces. They are a ton of fun!

I LOVE my FattE bike! Sgt. Mingo all the way! Give one a try and I bet you will be riding one too!!

We had a great time with our FattE-Bikes. The road was designated impassable by the park service, but our FattE-Bikes got us to and from Echo Park on the winter solstice. Snow, dirt and even some shallow streams. A weekend to remember, thanks FattE-Bikes!

NEW ELEMENT PAINT collection : GRAPHITE. Another first- and why buy 1 when u can have 3?
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First GOLD Fatte-Bike! Sweet ride LS! #blingbike #fattebikes #fattireebike
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Tired of the snow? Dream of riding your Fatte-bikes in warmer climates...
Great article w/ @fattebikes as featured photos by The Voice  @issuu
#committoride #bikelove
Drink 🍺 beer, wear Viking hats and visit our tent @ullrgrass festival this weekend!
Boats and Bikes! Check us out all this weekend at the #denverboatshow
Rent a #fattebikes and take an adventure!! 📷 credit to George P.
Coolest electric vehicles at the sustainability summit.  #lovethisplacesummit 
Sent from a customer: 'When you own 5 @fatte_bikes .... '  #ebikelovers
Adam digs our FattE-Bikes. Thanks for coming to Denver and putting on an amazing show!  @toolmusic #toolbandtour #toolband #fattebikes #fattirebike


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