FattE-Bikes are even more accessible with the City of Denver's instant ebike rebate program.

No pop-up Stores or imports

Most ebikes are imported from overseas and of poor quality. We build your ebike right here in Denver. So you get a personalized custom electric bike, with better craftmanship, long lasting performance, and ongoing local service and support.

PLUS: We add a neighborly $100 off to YOUR VOUCHER! That's built in Denver love!

How it works

There are three simple steps to get your Denver ebike rebate:

Step 1. Get your ebike voucher from the City of Denver.

Step 2. Test ride a FattE-Bike, pick your frame style, select your custom colors and styling options.

Step 3. Order your built in the USA ebike. We apply your voucher to your order for an instant rebate.

BONUS: Get an extra $100 off from us. (Hey, we're the Born in Denver Brand, so here's a little more love.)

Visit our Denver Showroom:

Contact Us

(720) 440-2971

2596 W Barberry Pl

Denver, CO 80204

Fall/Winter Hours

We accept walk-ins, but encourage appointments in order to better serve our customers and guarantee a demo or test ride availability. Call or email to schedule an appointment or if you have questions or needs.

Tuesday - Saturday: 10am-4:00pm

Sunday: CLOSED

Monday: CLOSED

  • $400 Rebate for Denver Residents

    Register to Qualify for a Denver resident ebike rebate HERE.

  • $1200 Rebate for Income-qualified residents

    Income eligible residents may qualify for a $1200 rebate.

  • $500 Electric Cargo Bike Rebate

    All qualified residents receive an extra $500 rebate on an electric cargo bike.

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Denver Ebike Rebate FAQs

What ebikes qualify for Denver's rebates?

Ebikes with motors 750 watts or less. Full suspension mountain bikes do not qualify.

FattE-Bikes is Denver's only qualified electric bike brand built here in Denver, Colorado.

What electric cargo bikes qualify?

Qualifying electric cargo bikes must be designed to carry at least two people, have an extended frame and a published minimum weight capacity of 400 lbs.

Are Denver's ebike vouchers still available?

The City of Denver paused issuing vouchers after distributing 3,250 rebates. Not all recipients will use their vouchers within their 60-day validity, however, and the City will reissue more vouchers as those expire. Sign up HERE to get notified when more rebate vouchers are available.

Where can I buy a qualifying ebike?

The City has a list of qualified stores and showrooms. Beware of pop-ups and online sites that do not qualify.