We started building electric bikes in Denver in 2017. We are the first ebike company to operate in Denver, and one of just a few ebike companies to build ebikes in the U.S.A.

We learned early on that if ebikes are built overseas, they just aren't as well put together as when we do it ourselves.

In building our ebikes in the U.S.A, we are able offer more color options, better quality paint and assembly, more customization than anyone. This makes FattE-Bikes the most customizable ebike brand in the world.

While we use premium globally-sourced ebike components, we strive to source locally, create local jobs, and most importantly, provide industry-leading quality control and customer care.

With FattE-Bikes, you are not limited to basic options. You get to design and build your FattE-Bike just the way you want it. We are committed to building you the ebike of your dreams, that is quality, and uniquely yours.

No need to settle for a cookie-cutter product built overseas - you can custom build one right here in the U.S.A. That's the FattE-Bike difference!

- Victoria Brunner & Kenny Fischer. Co-founders of FattE-Bikes

Denver’s 1st electric bike company, since 2017

Our Values

Life style

you’ll realize the freedom and advantages

Once you get on a FattE-Bike you’ll realize the freedom and advantages of owning your own electric bike. This bike will transform your commute, allow you to run the same errands you did in your car, and give you the ability to travel year round – even during rough weather. Eventually it will integrate into your life so seamlessly you’ll forget why you ever thought you needed to use anything else.


ride anywhere the road or bike paths

Don’t think of FattE-Bikes as your new cool bike, think of it as the electric vehicle that will replace your 2nd (or only) car. With most trips in the urban environment being less than 5 miles you’ll get places faster, effortlessly passing by traffic with ease. Free from car payments, gas, insurance, you can ride anywhere the road or bike paths take you.


release your inner child!

Remember how amazing it was to ride your bike when you were a kid? Yeah we do too and we know getting on our electric bike will reignite that feeling. You’ll begin to look for excuses to get on your FattE, even just to run errands to the grocery store, take a moonlight excursion, or meet up with a posse of other FattE-Bike enthusiasts at the local brewery!