The City of Mountain View, Colorado's police department is trying to get a little closer to its community. Since most of the calls the police get do not require a patrol car, Police Chief Steve Davis decided to get two custom fat tire electric bikes.

Mountain View's police have a reputation for giving out a lot of speeding tickets, and the Chief is trying to change that. "I've spent the last three years trying to change the perception of this town, and this is a big tool in trying to change that."

The City of Mountain View Police bought two custom fat tire electric bikes to replace one patrol car.

Electric bikes save cost of gas

The electric bikes are perfect for the small city, and will replace one of two patrol cars, saving taxpayers the cost of gas and upkeep on the 2nd vehicle.

Each bike is painted gloss white, with red and blue mirrors and pedals.

Red and blue mirrors are part of the custom electric bikes built for Mountain View Police

"They took our idea and made it come true. They designed two electric bikes for us," said Chief Davis.

The custom electric bikes come each come with a removable battery, suspension forks, an aluminum frame, wide tires and hydraulic disc brakes.

Instead of getting an electric mountain bike, Mountain View decided a fat tire bike with an electric motor is a better fit for their needs.

Fat Tire Electric Bike Perfect For the Police Force

"The fat tire electric bike is perfect for riding in the city," says FattE Bikes co-founder Kenny Fischer. "The wide tires give you more stability and traction on all kinds of surfaces, and you have a lot more comfort as well."

The pedal assistance provided by the 750 watt electric motors make it easier for the Police to maneuver the electric bicycles more quickly in responding to calls, and helps them power up any hills.

"To be able to have an electric bicycle that you can take out and literally touch the community one on one, ... it's a community policing machine," says Davis. "It's something my officers want to show to the community."

Quotes of Chief Davis in this article were reported by Fox 31 Denver.