Date Published: May 17, 2022

Last Updated: May 25, 2022

You jump on your ebike. As the smile spreads across your face, you aren't thinking about how much an electric bike costs.

You feel good, happy. You're having fun. And if you are replacing a car-trip, you're even saving money.

That aside, as enthusiastic as our customers are, everyone is wondering how much does an electric bike cost.

A Quick Review Of Ebike Prices

Like most products, ebikes come in a wide range of prices, driven by a range of quality and performance offerings. Ebikes cost anywhere from $800 to $8,000. That's quite a range, right?

This range in price is due to the range in quality of components and the assembly. An ebike make on an overseas assembly-line with lower quality parts will be the cheapest. A hand-built custom electric bike made with quality components will cost a little more, though it may have a lower life-span cost.

Low-Budget Ebikes

The low-cost electric bicycles will have the lowest quality components, like no-name brand batteries and motors. The lower quality of regular bike components can also result in higher maintenance costs.

You'll also see batteries with low watt hours, meaning you don't have as much

The lowest cost ebikes are made in overseas factories, sold online only, and are not available in electric bike shops. These ebikes may also have very limited warranties, if any.

Functional and Custom Ebikes

Higher quality electric bikes cost around $1900 and go on up to $3000. Electric bikes in this price range start to have high quality hub motors, removable batteries, and suspension forks. Many of these ebikes are perfect for the daily commute, running errands around town, and regular pleasure trail and street riding.

For example, you get a quality custom built fat tire electric bike in this price range.

In this category of ebikes, you can expect name-brand batteries like Panasonic and Samsung and motors made by Bafang and Bosch. You can also expect known brand bike-components for brakes and shifters (Tektro, Shimano) on the electric bike.

Included in this category are most electric cargo bikes. E Cargo bikes cost a little more than their standard frame size counterparts. Higher costs are due to the larger frame, motor and battery requirements and other extra components required for a larger bike. For example, a quality electric cargo bike will have a dual kickstand.

Electric cargo bike and rider

Electric cargo bikes are aĀ cost effective form of transportation.

You can purchase a custom ebike in this price range. Most custom ebikes are built in the USA and are built to order. You can select from a broader range of color combinations and styling options. Most custom electric bikes end up costing between $2200-$2500.

Specialty Ebikes

The most expensive electric bikes tend to be those specifically designed for downhill mountain biking, hunting, or electric road bikes. These bikes will start in the mid $3000s, and go on up to $8,000 per electric bike.

An electric mountain bike will have full suspension, and requires a mid-drive motor. Both the rear-suspension and mid-drive motor add significantly to the cost, and on-going maintenance costs.

An electric bike that is designed to ride and feel like a high-end road bike will have a mid-drive motor. These bikes will also have other higher cost components matching what you might find on a high end road bike.

Maintenance Costs of An Electric Bike

Electric bikes, like bicycles and cars, do require some maintenance. Regular maintenance for moving parts like the chain will extend the life of the part. This can also give you a smoother and quieter ride.

We recommend a basic tuneup every 400 to 500 miles. This will include a full safety inspection, lubricating the chain and cables, check and adjust bearings, and adjusting the brakes and shifting. A basic tune-up for hour ebike will cost between $90-$120.

Maintenance costs for an ebike usually include the regular aspects of bike maintenance. This includes brake adjustments, replacing brake pads, replacing cables, and shift adjustments. There is generally very little maintenance required for quality electrical components.

mechanical disc brakes on a fat tire ebike

Disc brakesĀ need periodic adjustments for best performance.

MaintenanceĀ Costs for Electric Bikes

Like most consumer products, the low-budget options frequently end up having higher maintenance and full-life costs. Lower quality parts wear faster or require more frequent adjustments.

That said, even the best of ebikes will benefit from periodic maintenance.

Here's a quick look at the costs to service an electric bike:

  • Tune-Up: $90-$120
  • Fix Flat Tire: $20-$30 plus parts
  • Brake Adjustment: $15-$20
  • Replace Brake Pads: $20-$30
  • Shift Adjustment: $15-$25
inner tube for fat tire electric bike

Other maintenance costs to your electric bike could include trouble-shooting electrical issues. You can avoid a lot of these by purchasing a quality ebike from a reputable manufacturer. Also look for ebikes that have key electrical components, like the controller, installed inside the frame.

You can avoid flat tire repair costs by installing tire liners, which significantly help reduce flat tires.

Cost of Electric Bike Batteries

The battery is one of the most expensive parts of your ebike. There is a balance on cost versus performance here.

Get too small a battery, and you might run low on pedal assistance when you need it. This matters if you have a long commute or like to go on long rides. That said, due to the high cost of batteries, there's no need to buy a battery that is so large you never come close to using all the amps before recharging.

Look for a battery with at least 14 Amp Hours. Some ebike companies will also offer an option to upgrade to a larger battery, usually for $400-$500 extra. This is still less than buying a spare battery in most cases.

With proper care, your electric battery should last for about 700-800 cycles. The number of charging cycles you will get varies on the riding and storage conditions you have exposed your battery to. While rapid chargers are available, these will reduce the life of the battery.

Avoid storing your battery in extreme cold or extreme heat. Remove the battery from the ebike and store it inside a conditioned living space. This helps extend the life of the battery.

Eventually, after years of riding and 10,000s of miles, you'll hit that time when you need to replace your battery.

At current prices, figure on spending $475-$650 on a quality battery replacement.


Electric bikes are first and foremost fun. Ebikes provide a way for you to get out and ride more often. Fat tire electric bikes add a level of comfort and control not found in 'skinny tire' ebikes.

Considering the cost of other forms of physical activity (gyms, skiing, etc), ebikes are a cost-effective means of physical activity. Ebikes provide cost-effective, low-impact exercise.

As a means of transportation and mobility, ebikes are a great value, saving you $1000s in automobile-related expenses, even for just a short trip to the store. Recent research demonstrates that 62% of ebike trips replace a car trip, reducing automobile mileage by 20%.

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Buy a low-budget ebike, and you may be stuck at somepoint with a throw-away object you can't get fixed.

Spending a little more, particularly for a Built in the USA custom ebike, helps ensure you get quality components, hand-crafted complete assembly and tuning, with less maintenance costs.

Buy something too high-priced, and you may spend more than you need for the kind of riding you want to do.

A built in the USA custom ebike is an excellent way to get the best value for your money, and to get an electric bike that best fits your needs, styling preferences, and one that you can easily get serviced.

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