Posted: August 10, 2022

Last Updated: October 13, 2022


Our customers use ebikes to get to work, shuttle their kids to- and from school, go to the grocery store - and ride for fun and adventure.

Our goal is to make using your everyday electric bike a little easier and a lot more fun.

That's why we are upgrading our ‘base price’ batteries and including rear-racks on all of our ebikes.

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Higher Electric Bike Battery Capacity and Range

Our new batteries are 48-volt, 16 amp-hour batteries - loaded with Panasonic cells. These provide a mighty 768 watt-hours, so you can ride further before recharging - get up to 60+ miles of range!


Here are the specifications for the Penalosa, our 'utility', easy step-through folding ebike:

electric bike battery rating for utility ebike

With a total 768 watt-hours, this makes our Penalosa the longest range 'utlility' folding ebike on the market.

The same battery capacity is now available on our other electric bikes.

Want to go further? Our new upgrade option (for extra price) provides 21 amp-hours. WIth 48-volts of power, that’s a whopping 1,008 amp-hours, extending range even further, up to 80+ miles of range!

So now you have two high-range battery options on our Major T electric cargo bike, Londonderry step-through ebike, and our Sgt. Mingo all-terrain ebike:

electric cargo bike, battery range

Buy An Electric Bike With Better Batteries - Buy A FattE-Bike

Rear-rack Included

99% of our customers select a rear-rack for their custom ebike, so we decided, "hey, let’s include this in the base price." You can now get a durable, powder-coat painted frame (matte-black) included with your FattE-Bike.

rear rack for electric bike


Don't worry, for a low price you can still select from 25 custom rear rack colors and personalize your ebike even more!

Color Display

All of our ebikes are now outfitted with a color display, featuring pedal assist mode, speed, trip odometer, power output, battery voltage and level. It also is blue-tooth compatible, so you can connect your phone through the app and use for navigation, ride settings and more!

electric bike with color display

Ride With Confidence on our 2 Year Warranty

You can now purchase and ride with greater confidence. We extended our warranty to two years. Most ebike makers have only a 1-year warranty.

We will continue to lead in quality and performance. We stand by our ebikes, and you can now enjoy an industry leading warranty from us.

We Don’t Race to the Bottom

Many ebike companies are in a ‘race to the bottom’, pushing out lower quality ebikes, with lower and lower prices.

How do they do this? By cutting out important components and quality, limiting options, and cutting out service and support.

We put a lot more into our ebikes than they do. Still, we promise to keep our ebikes as priced for accessibility, and lower lifetime ownership costs as much as possible.

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