Electric bikes are changing the way people get around - and that's not just private people running errands, commuting and getting their kids to school. Commercial ebike fleets are changing the way people and goods are getting moved around by businesses.

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Let's look at just a few of the ways ebikes are used for commercial business fleets.

Ebikes for Urban Delivery

The nimbleness of bicycles has always been an advantage for delivering things like packages, flowers, pizzas, and other goods. Yet cities with lots of hills and traffic can limit the abilities of bicycles. Enter the ebike, and delivery riders are crushing hills and riding at traffic speeds to get their deliveries done faster.

electric cargo bike for commercial deliveries

Compared to trucks, ebikes are easier to park and navigate through the dense urban environments. Ebikes require less maintenance than trucks, less licensing, and of course, less 'fuel'.

Ebikes are less expensive to operate than automotive delivery vehicles, are more nimble, and are increasing the number of deliveries businesses can make in a day.

A recent study found that pedal assisted electric cargo bikes can do deliveries 60% faster than vans in dense city centers. The ebikes had a higher average speed and are able to drop off 10 deliveries per hour, as compared to only six deliveries for the vans.

Electric bikes help delivery 'drivers' slip around traffic and easily park, so you can deliver more, without breaking a sweat.

One Denver UberEats/DoorDash delivery driver notes "with my e-bike I can get right up to the door before I have to get off my bike." Read more about delivering food with an ebike.

Ebikes on Corporate Campuses

Ebikes are increasing employee mobility on and off corporate campuses. An ebike fleet on your campus reduces employee travel time between campus facilities, and for trips in your surrounding community. Your staff won't need to search or compete for parking, and will arrive at their destination energized and feeling good.

campus ebike fleet

Many companies are offering ebike sharing programs, subsidies for employees to purchase ebikes, maintenance assistance and other incentives for employees wanting to ride ebikes.

You'll also reduce your corporate carbon footprint when replacing automobile trips!

It is important to think about ebike and bike storage on your campus or at your company location. Your employees will need safe and secure 'parking' for their electric bikes. Covered, secured facilities will make your employees feel better about riding to and from work on their ebikes. Plan on providing multiple ebike storage/parking facilities like durable racks, shelters and secured facilities that are convenient to offices, meeting rooms and other facilities.

Ebike Rental Fleets

Ebike rental fleets are a great revenue generator. Many companies are running successfully as a stand-alone ebike rental business. Other rental businesses that provide mountain bikes rentals, regular bike fleets, motorcycles, boats, paddle boards are adding ebikes to expand their offerings.

ebike rental fleet

If you rent bicycles, ebikes provide a no-brainer option for would be customers who are not as confident pedaling bikes up hills or for longer distances. The 'equalizer' aspect of ebikes makes them great for group and family rentals. No one gets left behind!

For boat rental companies, motor-sports and other rental companies, ebikes provide a new income stream to a broader and growing market.

If you own a resort or hotels, ebikes can provide a great way for guests to get around without having to rent cars. Ebikes will save parking spaces, reduce crowding and noise, and create another income stream.

With ebike popularity doubling every year, now is a great time to expand your rental fleet options with ebikes. What's better than an ebike fleet? A custom ebike fleet that matches your company brand and distinguishes your rental fleet in your market. Make your bikes represent your brand and stand out from the crowd!

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