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FattE-Bikes stand out, with their unique custom colors and the big smiles on our customers' faces. People love to buy American products, and they love customization options.

Beware: when you ride your FattE-Bike, you'll get stopped by people who want to know where you got it.

Join one of our customer referral programs so you can share a unique link or code that tracks your referral. You'll get in-store credit, and you'll be the hero giving them a nice discount on their new ebike.

Customer Referral Program

Any FattE-Bike customer can join the FattE C. customer referral program at no cost.

Sign up to get your referral link and QR code decal for your ebike.

Every ebike sale made through your link gives you $50 in store credit, and your friend will get $250 off their new ebike.

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Join the FattE C. VIP to enjoy these benefits:

Every ebike sale made through your referral link gives you $100 in store credit.

The new customer will get a $250 discount off their new ebike - a great incentive to use your link!

Bike Build Video* - Get a video to share of your ebike being built by our Master Bike Mechanics

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Additional VIP Perks

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Affiliate program

Are you a website or blog publisher, or influencer? Do you publish content about ebikes? Share our target markets?

Apply for our affiliate program to receive great commissions on every ebike sale tracked through your affiliate link.