FattE-Bikes vs. Rad Power Bikes*

Rad Power Bikes is one of the largest ebike brands in the US - but might doesn't make right when it comes to value and quality.

Colorado's FattE Bikes are hand-built by Master Bike Mechanics, resulting in superior performance and personalization.

All Terrain Fat Tire Ebikes

Both FattE Bikes Sgt Mingo and RPB's Rad Rover 6 are fat tire electric bikes made for riding on streets, trails, sand, gravel, even snow.

The similarities make them a good comparison, yet the details matter when it comes to quality and style.

Note below the differences in specifications on some key components - and the overwhelming advantages of FattE Bikes personalization options and Built in the USA performance and service.

Built in USA Quality and Service always wins

Rad Bikes’ reliance on overseas factories limits the quality of performance and styling options available to buyers. Low-cost urethane finishes, plastic fenders and other short-cuts result in bikes that have issues. Rad ships bikes un-assembled ("free"!), so Colorado buyers must do it themselves or hire a bike mechanic to finish the assembly.

FattE Bikes are built in Denver, Colorado USA by Master Bike Mechanics, which ensures the best quality and performance. FattE Bike buyers personalize their ebike from over 12 powder-coated frame colors, fenders, racks, handlebars, seat, grip and pedal stying.

Most importantly, every FattE Bike is tested and tuned before it ships or is picked up.

Demo-ride a FattE Bike at the our showroom in Denver, CO.

  • Heidi Angelique Tickle on Facebook:

    "So well made. And, the technicians and hike mechanics work with you to tailor your bike. Excellent workmanship and end product."

  • Allan Short on Google:

    "FATTE eBikes are wonderful. Very fun to ride, easy to operate, super rides for long distance days in the mountains and on Colorado bike paths. Great design and service also."

  • Seth Bulan on Google:

    "Absolutely five star review! The bikes are durable and I have gone places I’ve never thought possible. The customer service is great and the follow up care is appreciated."

Comparison based on published data and selected 3rd party reviews at the time of this publication date 2022-04-01

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