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What is a Fat Tire Electric Bike?

Fat tire electric bikes are fitted with 4.0 inch wide tires. These ”fatter” tires provide you with more comfort, traction and control while riding. Fat tires are ‘go anywhere, anytime tires’. From streetscapes to trails, fat tires boost your riding confidence and abilities. The increase in stability is instantly recognizable when you ride a FattE-Bike.

The electric motor assists you in moving quickly and with ease in all riding environments.

Where can I find FattE-Bikes?

FattE-Bikes was born in Denver, Colorado and is proud to be Denver’s first electric bike manufacturer. Our storefront and manufacturing facility is located at 2596 W Barberry Pl Denver, CO 80204. Come on in for a test ride!

Currently we are growing to more retail partners in Colorado and beyond. Our retail partners locator-page is coming soon!

Where are your fat tire electric bikes built?

We're proud to say that FattE-Bikes are built right here in the USA, so you get better quality, performance and personalization.

Our manufacturing headquarters are in Denver, CO. We do the powder coat painting, full assembly, testing, tuning, and complete customization of your ebike.

FattE-Bikes is one of the only electric bike companies in the country to build our bikes in the USA. This gives us higher quality control over our products, enables us to offer more colors and custom options, and we can provide industry leading care and customer support to our FattE-Bike community.

Why are custom ebikes better than off-the-shelf ebikes?

A custom ebike gives you the best electric bike that suits your needs and style. You personalize the styling and colors of your ebike, while specifying certain features and components. We then build and tune your ebike, so you get the best performance possible.

Our custom ebikes are accessibly priced, with equal - often better - components than similarly priced ebikes.

With a custom ebike, you get built-in-the-USA quality and performance, and a fully assembled ebike, so you can ride on day 1.

What is the difference between powder-coat vs liquid paint?

Powder coating involves spraying a powder pigment onto the frame, rack or fenders. The powder is then baked on. There are no toxic solvents.

Powder coat paint gives your ebike a more durable and beautiful paint finish.

This process enables us to custom paint your ebike, so you can personalize it with your color preferences.

Urethane liquid paints are sprayed on with solvents. This toxic process results in a finish that is more likely to chip and peel over time.

What class are your Ebikes?

Our FattE-Bikes can be ridden as a class II or class III ebike. You're in control of the speed settings. We configure our electric bikes as class III, so you can get up to 25+mph or so with ease. However, if you prefer it to be class II, then a simple adjustment will cap the top speed at 20mph.

Do I need a license or permit for my electric bike?

No! Our FattE-Bikes are classified just like a regular bicycle and therefore do not require a special license, insurance or anything else that a scooter or car requires. This also gives electric bikes access to most bike paths and other places that automobiles can’t go. That said, FattE-Bikes recognizes that laws can vary in different municipalities. We recommend checking local regulations before riding. Feel free to reach out to us for additional information.

What type of throttle is on your ebikes?

Most of the time, you will ride your fat tire ebike with pedal assist. That said, a throttle can help you get up to speed faster, help you on hill starts, and help you get out of the way of other vehicles faster. Thus, we consider the throttle an important part of an ebike

We use a half-twist throttle that includes a safety off-switch.

Some companies opt for a thumb throttle, however thumb throttles can quickly wear out your hand and are more difficult to maintain desired speeds.

More importantly, thumb throttles force you to release your 5-finger grip down to a 4-finger grip (since your thumb is now on the throttle). This can cause serious hazards when you hit uneven surfaces or need to make a quick reaction for some reason. If your hand were to slip off, it won't end well.

This is why motorcycles and scooters use twist throttles as well. You maintain a full 5-finger grip at all times, your hand doesn't get tired and you have greater control over your speed.

How fast can an electric bike from FattE-Bikes go?

In order to be classified as a bicycle and not require a license, motors for all our ebikes have a top speed of 20-27 MPH depending on the model. However, it is possible for you to go faster by using your own pedal power.

Is there a height and weight limit for ebikes?

Our electric bikes are best suited for anyone 5’0 – 6’5. Click on measurement dropdown menu of each ebike model for more specific sizing information.

Our ebikes have a manufacturers suggested weight limit of 285 lbs but heavier riders weighing up to 350 lbs have still fully enjoyed using our bikes. * *Anyone over this weight limit takes full responsibility and if there are any mechanical or bike issues that develop as a result, FattE-Bikes is not to be held liable.

Do you offer any financing or payment plans?

Yes, financing is available from the check-out cart. Learn More About Financing Your Ebike

Electric Bike Batteries

How far can I go on a single charge??

Average riders can go up to 60+ miles on a single charge, depending on which of the two choices of battery we offer (48v 14.5ah, or 48v 19.2ah). There are a number of factors that influence the range, such as the weight of the rider, the amount of power they choose to use while riding, the terrain they ride such as hills vs flat terrain. All FattE-Bikes come with a battery monitor so you’ll always know when you need to charge your battery.

Do I need a special outlet to charge the battery and how long does it take to charge?

You can charge your battery anywhere with a standard 110-volt outlet. Depending on the battery size, it takes 4-8 hours to fully charge.

How long will the battery last on an ebike?

Our batteries are rated to last about 600 full charge / discharge cycles.

How do I take care of my electric bike battery?

We like to say "if you are comfortable, your battery is comfortable". Avoid leaving your battery out overnight in cold weather, or leaving it baking in the sun (like in the trunk of a car on a 100-degree day).

For the most part, care for your battery is simple. You can either charge it inside somewhere or directly on the bike.

When leaving your bike unused for a while, leave some power in it (ideally around 80% capacity) but don't leave it on the charger.

You can recharge your battery after each use or after running it down. It's all based on your preference as many people want the battery at full capacity for the next day, while some people only ride a few miles at a time so they don't need to charge it as frequently.

Do I have to use the motor on an ebike?

No, you choose when to engage the motor. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using the PAS (Pedal Assist Sensor) or the throttle - the motor only kicks in when you decide. If you choose not to use the motor, your FattE-Bike will operate just like a conventional bicycle.

Referral/Affiliate Programs

Do you have a referral program?

Yes! Sign up for our customer referral program for in-store credit for every ebike referral sale through your unique link.
Double your credits by joining the FattE-C VIP!

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes. Publishers and influencers can earn commissions through our affiliate program. LEARN MORE

Warranty & Returns

Do your fat tire electric bikes come with a warranty?

Yes! Each FattE-Bike comes with a two-year warranty (one year limited warranty on battery). You can review the warranty terms HERE

What is your warranty claims process?

Review the warranty claims process HERE

What is your return policy?

Please note that all bikes are customized with color and frame so if you cancel your order after seven (7) calendar days from purchase, we will charge $250 cancellation fee.

Due to current supply chain issues, we may not always be able to get you the accessories, small parts, or items requested in an order. We reserve the right to substitute or remove any accessories, items, or small parts in your order. We will refund you for any difference between the requested item in the order and the substituted item. Due to the nature of the customization of each bike, we are unable to offer full refunds in the event a requested item, accessory, or part is unavailable.

Return Policy: If a refund request of any FattE-Bikes bike model purchase is made within seven (7) calendar days of said purchase, FattE-Bikes will refund the full amount. If cancellation occurs after 7 calendar days, a $250 cancellation fee will be incurred, unless frames have gone to painting and then an additional $500 will be added to the fee for a total of $750.

Electric bike orders: – Must be returned within 7 days of delivery date – Must have less than 10 miles on the odometer – If item does not need to be shipped, it is still subject to a 10% processing fee – To be eligible for a return, the bike must be unused, free from dirt, dust, and in the same packaging and condition that you received it – Subject to a $250 non-refundable cancellation fee. – Customer pays shipping both waysAccessory/replacement part orders:

No returns after 30 days of receiving the bike To be eligible for a return, the item must be unused, free from dirt, dust, and in the same packaging and condition that you received it Subject to an additional 25% restocking fee if returned 7 days after the delivery date Customer pays shipping both ways Used items:

No returns, unless it falls under the warranty, see warranty details for restrictions Non-returnable items: All merchandise (clothing, hats, etc) Spare batteries Special orders Sale items Gift cards Gifted orders or resales

Before a return is sent, the customer must have written approval of said return from FattE-Bikes. If a customer sends a return without the written consent of FattE-Bikes a refund will not be issued and the customer will have to pay shipping to get the item returned, or, sacrifice the item. If your approved return passes our inspection, you may receive an exchange, store credit, or a refund.

Please address your return to: FattE-Bikes 888 Federal Blvd. Suite B Denver, CO 80204 If non-returnable items are returned without authorization from our Customer Experience team, they will be returned to the customer immediately and customer will be notified. Restocking fees may apply to unauthorized returns.

Refunds, Exchanges, and Store Credits Once your return is received and inspected, we will send you an email to notify you that we have received your returned item. We will also notify you of the approval or rejection of your return. If you are approved, then your refund, exchange or store credit will be processed. For refunds, a credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment, within 2-5 days. Returns received Friday-Sunday will ship out Monday. If a store credit is requested, a promo code will be issued to you via email. Your store credit is easily applied during checkout of your next order. Late or missing refunds: There is often some processing time before a refund is posted. If you’ve checked with your bank and/or credit card company after 7 days and you still have not received your refund yet, please contact us at support@fattebikes.com

Sale Items There are no returns for items on sale. All sale items are final sale, no refunds, exchanges or credits of any kind. If sale items are returned without authorization from our customer service, it will be returned to the customer immediately and customer will be notified. Restocking fees may apply to unauthorized returns.

Special Orders Special orders are not returnable. Each special order is made specifically for each customer and are final sales, no refunds, exchanges or credits of any kind. If special orders are returned without expressed permission from our customer service, it will be returned to the customer immediately and customer will be notified. Restocking fees may apply to unauthorized returns. For international shipping of special orders, additional charges may apply to orders containing both in stock and special order items.

Where can I get my ebike maintained and serviced?

FattE-Bikes are designed to be able to take into any competent bike shop for regular bike maintenance needs such as tune-ups, brakes, or tire issues.

If you live in the Colorado Front Range area, our shop in Denver provides these services also. If there is an issue with the motor, battery, or LCD, contact FattE-Bikes directly.


How much assembly is required?

FattE-Bikes purchased for pickup from our showroom come 100% assembled and ready to go!

For those requiring shipping only minimal assembly is required of our bikes. You are practically ready to ride right out of the box 5-minutes after unpacking them. No special skills will are needed to complete your FattE-Bike.

BONUS: We design our boxes so you can roll your ebike out of the box - no awkward lifting!

What do you charge for shipping?

We currently charge a flat $199 for Premium shipping on three of our models: Penalosa, Sgt. Mingo, and Londonderry – to the lower 48 US states. Contact us for shipping rates on electric cargo bikes.

Shipping takes an average of 5-10 business days to arrive.

We can ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico but higher charges will apply. Please note we cannot yet ship Internationally. Contact support@fattebikes.com for more info.

What is your shipping policy?

We ship to physical addresses only - we cannot ship to PO Box addresses.

Our building and processing times are not included in the delivery estimates.

All models shipped out take an average of 5-10 business days (to lower 48 states) to arrive, and delivery is scheduled by the carrier. Someone must be present to accept the package.

Shipping estimates could take longer depending on geographic location or due to unforeseen issues such as extreme weather or freight delays.

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