Fat Tire Electric Bikes Built in the USA Since 2017


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meet the bike-smiths

We have an attitude of craftsmanship we take to every bike we build. The details are endless, from powder-coating frames, fenders and racks, to pre-cleaning every bracket and aligning every brake rotor. We hand-tune every bike. You just don't get that with overseas factory assembly.

Our Values

Art + Transportation

We support the unique diversity of everyone who wishes to ride a bicycle. We're all unique and there's no reason our bikes shouldn't be too!

Art doesn't doesn't just mean appearances. Art means craftsmanship.

Whether we are running errands, riding through desert, mountains or to the beach, on a date or a daily commute, our transportation can represent our style and personality.

Impact + Philanthropy

If only certain people can afford ebikes then we'll never achieve the full impact ebikes are capable of. We aim to keep our prices accessible, and provide alternate payment and financing options for all customers. We support communities and citizens that can't afford a bike of their own. We build fleets of ebikes for low-income, essential workers and do surprise giveaways to those most in need.

Lifestyle + Community

We believe that ebikes have the ability to bring people together, that ebikes provide a way for more people to ride bikes more often, that fat tire ebikes make biking more fun, more comfortable and in many ways safer.

We advocate for increased bicycling infrastructure. We advocate for riding etiquette.

We believe in building community. We're creating a movement and invite you to join us.

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