Posted Monday, February 28, 2022

There are a lot of 'best of' lists out there, but it's really about YOU. What's the best fat tire electric bike for YOU?

Fat tire e bikes are getting very popular, and for good reason. Fat tires provide a smooth ride and better handling over a variety of terrain and conditions. Wide tires also provide a unique style and an overall increased 'fun factor' for many riders.

How do I know what the right fat tire ebike is for me?

There is a lot of focus on powerful motors and battery range. These matter, but it's easy to forget about what is most important about electric bikes: comfort and style. The more comfortable you are, the more frequently and longer you will ride. The more your bike fits your style, the bigger the smile you will have riding it.

We all have different shapes, personalities and riding preferences. We have different tastes in colors, materials and finishes. Select an ebike that fits you: your body shape, your style of riding and your aesthetic style preferences.

Consider these factors when selecting the best electric fat bike for you:

  1. Frame (style, construction, material)
  2. Frame finishes (colors, quality, durability, environmental impact)
  3. Seat, seat post suspension
  4. Outfitting (handle bars, grips, pedals, mirrors, fenders, lights)
  5. The company behind the bike (skill of builders, customer service, community engagement, warranties).

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Fat Tire Electric Bike Frames and Finishes

First, think about your frame style and frame finishes.

Frame Style

Frame style will be one of the big factors in selecting the best fat tire electric bike for you. Fat tire electric bikes come in a variety of frame styles:

  • step-through frames are easiest to mount/dismount
  • hybrid leg-over/step-throughs provide a blend of ease and style
  • extended frame cargo electric bikes allow for extra gear and passengers
  • folding e bike frames are easier to store, transport, and are great utility ebikes.

Image: fat tire electric bike frame styles

Frame Finishes

Fat tire electric bike frames are finished in two primary ways:

  • powder-coating
  • spray-enamel paints

Powder-coating involves spraying dry, colored pigment onto a metal object (the frame) carrying an electrical charge. The frame is then baked. The pigment turns into a highly durable uniform coating. The overspray can be swept up, even reused - a zero-waste system.

Many bike brands spray enamel paint on their frames. Enamels require toxic solvents during application. Enamel paint is less durable, susceptible to chipping and ultimately peeling.

FattE Bikes are powder-coated in the USA.

Personalizing the Best Fat Tire Electric Bike for You

So many of today's consumer products are 'cookie cutter', designed for the average consumer. This holds true with electric fat tire bikes as well.

Most ebikes are made in overseas factories. Color and styling options are limited to one or two colors. You don't get options for seats and grips, pedal colors and other aspects of the bike.

But we all want some personalization, right? We mix and match our shirts, pants and shoes, so why not elements of our ebike?

The good news is, you can personalize your frame, fenders and racks with style and color. You can also reflect your preferences for seat type, grip types, pedal style and colors, lights outfitting and other components. This is the advantage of an ebike built in the USA.

Consider what will personalize the best fat tire electric bike for you:

  • Cruiser seat versus velo seat
  • Dropper seat post versus fixed seat post
  • Brown grips or seat, versus black
  • Colored pedals versus black
  • Dual headlights versus single
  • Mirrors: single versus dual

Don't get stuck with the limitations of overseas factory production. Get a fat ebike that suits your style!

Fat Tire Electric Bike Components

Also consider the technical aspects of the fat tire electric bike's components:

  1. Brakes. Mechanical disc brakes are ideal for most ebikes. Hydraulic disc brakes may be preferred by riders who are already used to them on their other bikes.
  2. Shifters, throttle: a twist throttle on the right hand side is generally more comfortable and safer than a thumb throttle.
  3. Rims, spokes and tires. Solid, dual wall rims and 12 gauge spokes are essential. 4" wide tires are the best width for most types of riding.
  4. Electrical systems (motor, battery, controller, display). Fat tire bikes are fun to ride, but the extra weight and friction can be tiring. This is why a 750 watt motor can make riding so much fun and help you get up steep hills. A rear hub-drive motor is perfect for most riding, unless you really need rear-suspension for aggressive mountain bike riding.
  5. Most often, a cadence sensor will give you pedal assisted power. A torque sensor works similarly, though it requires you to put in more effort to get help from the motor. Look for a partially integrated battery, as opposed to a battery that is simply bolted on.
  6. Most displays and controllers allow for five assist levels.
  7. Safety features (lights, visibility, braking). In most cases, rear racks help you carry some gear, while providing a  great placement of your rear brake lights. Get an installed headlight, and consider getting dual headlights for extra visibility.

Other Factors in Finding the Best Fat Tire Electric Bike for You

Selecting a fat tire electric bike is an exciting journey. Look for the company and brand that will support you in your journey, even well after you purchase your bike. Down the road (sorry), you will need to get maintenance and accessories specific to your bike's manufacturing. You will want to get good service and support. Look for 'who's behind the bike', their approach to customer service and community.

FattE Bikes are BUILT in the USA and supported in the USA. Join our CommunitE!

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