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Investor Testimonials

"FattE-Bikes seems uniquely positioned to capture market share as a “made-in-America” brand offering customization not found in other brands." - Ed Bean, equity crowdfunding investor

"I have many Fattebikes and believe in their future in the market. Unique product that stands apart from other ebikes on the market" - Dan Lavergne, equity crowdfunding investor

"We always say, we should have invested in "so and so". We finally invested in something we think is going to do great." - Brian Gillin, equity crowdfunding investor

We invite you to join us as an investor in our equity crowdfunding campaign.

SInce 2017, we build bikes here in the USA so we can provide better quality, performance and customization.

The number of ebikes sold in the U.S.A (and globally), has nearly doubled - every year simce 2019 Ebikes are outselling electric cars and trucks!

Customers want choice, they prefer U.S. products, and we are positioned to expand our reach and impact in this market.

Equity crowdfunding provides us a way to raise the capital that will help us grow to meet this increasing demand for ebikes.

StartEngine hosts our crowdfunding campaign, so you have an easy way to be a part of our growth.

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