By Harry Todd

What’s The FattE-Bike Difference? – Working off Federal Boulevard in Denver, we usually meet a lot of colorful characters here at FattE-Bikes. Construction workers clad in orange and yellow stop in just as often as goth teens wearing all black do (often accompanied by their cowboy parents in two-tone blue denim Canadian Tuxedos). All the while, plenty of blinged-out cars with bright neon blue lights whizz by on their way to Mile High Stadium.
Everyone’s got their own style, so why should that stop with your bike? Why should you have to get a boring bike with bland typical colors? Well, you don’t have to…

Let’s Talk About The Cool Paint Job

At FattE-Bikes, we produce one-of-a-kind ebikes with unique color combinations on the daily. Ever since we shifted to a powder-coat paint job, our colors have been out of control, perfect for catching looks no matter where you ride and no matter what your style is. Since all of the painting is done here in Denver, you have way more agency in how the bike looks; you can get the frame in one color, the fenders in a second, the rear rack in a third, and—if you’re really crazy—you can even get the front basket in a fourth. You never have to worry about what’s in stock, because everything we take to painting is custom ordered. We make it specially for you so that you can make your very own bike.

What's The FattE-Bike Difference?
A FattE-Bike Enjoying The Beach

Theme It Your Way

You can make your bike’s color scheme be themed after your alma mater, your astrological sign, your favorite set of earth tones, or even your favorite sports team. (For all you Broncos fans out there: John Elway rides—and loves his new FattE-Bikes!—one is a Bronco Orange Sgt. Mingo, while his wife rides a Bronco Blue Londonderry.) We’ve seen it all. At least we think so, until one of our customers throws us a curveball so wild that we don’t believe it’ll look good until we can actually see the finished product. But it always turns out amazingly. That’s largely thanks to the imagination our customers bring to the table, but also a result of all the benefits of the powder coat painting process. 

One of the best things about powder coating is how durable the painted bikes turn out to be. It takes some force to scratch up these bikes. No longer will a slightly mis-angled U-lock scrape off the top layer like on a liquid-painted bike; not even taking the bike on dirt trails with gravel bouncing off your fenders during an all-day ride in the Rocky Mountains will it scrape the powder coat paint job. Better still: it’s nearly impossible to see any signs of weather-induced color fading on the bike. Whether you’re riding all day in the sun or snow, you’ll always have the same shine on your FattE-Bike. (Unless you’re covered in mud. But hey—it’s not our fault that you’re having too much fun.)

For The Environment!

Powder coating is also a more environmentally sustainable process than liquid painting. Here at FattE-Bikes, we’re committing to reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible. We operate out of a building that’s entirely solar powered and are trying to get as many cars off the road and replace them with bikes. We even work with other great local companies to supply our panniers, which are made entirely out of recycled bicycle tubes & billboards! So when we saw that powder coating would make our bikes even more eye-popping with fewer environmental impacts and that we could do it right here in Denver? We were sold. 

Painting Process

Here’s how the powder coating process works. First, you pick out exactly what colors you want. Naked frames and parts then get electrostatically charged with pigment and resin, which are later placed into a super hot oven to cure. The powder then melts to form a thick shell of color and coating around the frame, and voila! Your one-of-a-kind FattE-Bike is then ready to be built by our mechanics.

Throughout the whole process, no volatile organic compounds (or VOC’s for you acronym-inclined readers) are released into the atmosphere. You’re probably more familiar with VOCs than you realize: released by countless consumer products like hairsprays, cigarettes, and (*cough cough*) liquid paints, VOCs will combine with the nitrogen oxides latent in our air to create the very same smog that accelerates climate change. With a powder coat finish on our already sustainable business model, we are becoming greener than ever before. Not only are our bikes effortless to ride and beautiful to look at, they come with a clean conscience, too. 

What Color Combination Will You Pick?

Green! no, Purple! Wait am I sure? Is that my final answer? Maybe you don’t have a vision yet. Maybe you need some help picking between all of our amazing colors (most of which you can find on our website’s customizer). I did a quick poll of all the staff here about what our favorite colors are. Mike, our lead mechanic says that he prefers the old FattE-Bike classic: Bomber Orange. Arguably our most popular color, maybe he just likes it the most because it’s what he works with the most. Since I like to pretend I know even the slightest bit about wine, I naturally had to pick the finest vintage Burgundy Red I could find. (It’s a 2020, but I’m certain it’ll age wonderfully.) 

What's The FattE-Bike Difference?
Different FattE-Bike Colors

The Elements Series

Brandon, the new guy here, loves the Hammertone Grey, which, fittingly enough, is the newest paint style that we offer. When given this finish, the bikes have a unique speckled texture that you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else. We’ve got tons of Hammertone & metallic-like finishes: Hammertone Blue, Hammertone Sapphire, Metallic Gold, Graphite, Copper & even a color so mind-meltingly cool we had to call it Lava. We’re calling these colors “The Elements Series” in case you weren’t already sold on how sweet these paint jobs are.  These bikes are so exclusive that we don’t even have images of them on our website’s customizer yet; you can only order them via phone or in-store, so be sure to swing by the shop to see these beauties in person. 

Stand Out With A FLASH

Kenny & Victoria, our co-founders here at FattE-Bikes, tend to prefer the flashier colors. “Being seen is being safe,” you’ve likely heard them say if you’ve been in our shop. And it’s true: one of the great things about our bikes is how safe they are. But they’re only as safe as you are visible to other riders, drivers, and animals. The good news for you is that almost all of our colors have some “flash” into them; there’s the Candy Green & Candy Red (which you could pair for a perfectly themed holiday gift), the Electric Blue, a Sparkle Forest Green & tons more to brighten up your Electric Fat Tire Bike.
If you want a little less shine but still brightness, we’ve got you covered with our Seafoam, Taffy Pink, & Bengal Silver

Let’s Begin With Your FattE-Bike Experience

I just described 16 colors. 16! That’s wild. It’s still not all we have. In fact, we have 10 more colors that you can choose from, and maybe even more down the line. That’s 26 colors all told, which is more than just about anyone else building bikes out there. And with the amount of different items that you can pick your colors on? We’re basically infinitely customizable. Even if you were to pick our most popular color (which varies, depending on the day), you’ll probably still end up building a one-of-a-kind bike that’s uniquely designed by you. So why don’t you give us a call, set up an appointment, and be the next colorful character to stroll into our shop here on good ol’ Federal Boulevard?