By Victoria Brunner

Why The Fat Tires?

What Makes Electric Fat Tire Bicycles Different? – Glad you asked! Fat Tire Bikes have recently been making a bigger splash in the biking world. There are a lot of advantages to fat tire bikes, whether it be terrain or year-round riding, but pair it with an electric motor and you have a match made in bicycle heaven – and the greatest form of micro-mobility that can truly transform the way we commute. That’s where FattE-Bikes comes in!

Designed For Everyone, Not Just Cyclists

What Makes FattE-Bikes Different?
Off Road FattE-Bike

At FattE-Bikes when we were thinking about designing our electric bikes, we wanted to create and build the ultimate urban commuter vehicle that could appeal to a wide audience. This meant that we wanted an ebike that could emulate a car in comfort, ease, and convenience. Typically when you think of a person who cycles regularly you envision them on a super small frame bike, with tiny rock hard seats, razor thin tires, and very little options or accessories on it.

But we wanted an ebike that could be used as your every day vehicle so we threw out the traditional bike design and came up with something much BETTER. A bike with wide comfy seats, a variety of options to customize your bike to your needs and tastes, and most of all – FAT TIRES. Now you can go anywhere, anytime. All weather, all terrain and all the fun of a bike but with the functionality and capability of a vehicle.

What Are Fat Tire Bikes Good For?

Fat tires were born out of the rough terrain of the Alaskan frontier (of course they were!) Once they came on the scene for regular bicycles they were an instant hit for adventurous cyclists to be able to more easily ride on sandy beaches or in the heavy snows of mountainous areas.

However, these fat tires on a non ebike makes for a pretty heavy bike to have to pedal around for the typical rider. But you add an electric motor onto it and things change dramatically! The battery gives you the power to go further, faster, without tiring yourself out. The fat tires work so you can glide effortlessly over things like snow and sand, which a skinny tire bike is no match for. We didn’t want to create a bike that has to sit in the garage because the tires can’t handle the weather. This is your vehicle and you need to be able to rely on it for every day use.

Ok, Cool But What Actually Is A Fat Tire?

A tire that is at least 4″ in width is considered a fat tire, however they can come in just about any diameter tire size. The wide tire of electric tire fat bikes are flexible in their ability to be inflated to different PSI’s, depending on your needs. Need to get somewhere fast and are mostly going on concrete or paved roads? Increase your tire pressure, to create a faster glide over pavement to your destination. Riding in snow or bad weather conditions? Decrease your tire pressure making them more ‘squishy’ to more easily traverse over rough or slick surfaces like mud, ice, snow, or sand. Unlike skinny tires, Fat Tires provide the flexibility to adapt to your needs.

Pros & Cons of Fat Tire EBikes

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first: If you are looking to win the Tour de France, this might not be the bike for you (hello razor thin skinny tires!). AND a fat tire on a non motorized bike, as mentioned before, can be heavy and create a lot of drag to have to transport yourself on. However, that’s where it ends. A fat tire electric bicycle removes those issues making everything else a PRO. So there aren’t really many cons are there?

Some Big Advantages Are:

What Makes FattE-Bikes Different?
KENDA Fat Tires
  • Year round riding with an electric FattE-Bike. No need to hang your Fatte-Bike up 1/2 the year just because of a little bad weather outside. Just like a car this is YOUR VEHICLE and you need to be able to ride it any time of the year right?
  • You are more visible to cars. Big tires (in addition to all our bright FattE-Bike colors!) make your electric bike stick out to automobiles you share the road with. You will get noticed. – being seen is being safe!
  • Let’s talk about those skinny tires again shall we? COMFORT is probably not what comes to mind when you think about your old beater road bike sitting in your garage gathering dust because the thought of traversing the city on that just leaves you with a bad taste and a soar rear. Fat tires solve that problem. They create a far more comfortable ride, as the tires act as an additional shock absorber for those bumpy roades, making pebbles, potholes, and patches of dirt disappear. Your bum will thank you for it later.
  • A more stable ride. The 4″inch wide wheels provide greater surface grip and cushion which create a safer, more comfortable commute. You wouldn’t want to ride a motorcycle or moped with a skinny tire, so why should a motorized electric bike be any different? The best part is, unlike motorcycles or mopeds, it’s still legally a bicycle so you can ride just about anywhere a regular bike can go and be on the roads with more confidence. Our FattE-Bikes are truly the best of both worlds.
  • There are a variety of styles of fat tires that can meet your needs, not only with the inflat-a-bility of the tire pressure, but with a variety of tread styles as well. FattE-Bikes plans to offer a multiple fat tire treads in the future. We currently offer the most versatile, year-round, on road / off road fat tire using one of the highest quality name brands in fat tires – KENDA. But we are ever adapting to our customers needs and requests so keep an eye out for new designs coming down the pipeline in the future!

FATTE-BIKES, It’s In Our Name

We believe wholeheartedly in pairing the fat tire with an electric assist, so much so that we made it our name. FattE-Bikes stands for Fat Tire Electric Bikes. Yeah, we know the name is a little edgy, but it’s also awesome when people see you ride by and yell out ‘Nice FattE!”, and they are talking about your bike. It’s a compliment to be proud of!

Think a fat tire electric bike is right for you?

If you live in the Denver, Colorado area, swing by our shop and demo one for yourself. We’re open by appointment so give us a call and come experience what the hype is all about. BUT, be forewarned….once you try a FattE-Bike you’ll find them to be addictive and contagious. There’s no going back!

Feel The FattE Difference

We think you’ll see The FattE-Difference right away. You can also check out our operations, as we are the only fat tire electric bike company to actually BUILD our bikes here in the USA, and the most Customizable Fat Tire eBike IN THE WORLD! No need to settle for a boring cookie cutter bike built on an assembly line in China (like 99% of other ebikes out there). With FattE-Bikes you can pick your colors and design the bike just the way you want it. You’d be supporting an American company and FattE-Bikes will forever support you.
If you aren’t in the area, no sweat! Visit FattE-Bikes to order the last bike you will ever get to enjoy your ride.