Summer is fast approaching and with everything opening back up, it’s time to grab your FattE-Bike and hit the road for some fun action!  We’ve put together 10 ideas for activities and tours, so grab your electric bike and go explore!

1. Murals

Here in Denver, there is a plethora of areas with incredible art murals to visit.  The RiNo district is the most well known with its celebratory CRUSH event over the past few years, but there are murals all over the city and easily accessible by electric bike.  There are many other cities with incredible designs as well like Austin, Detroit, New York, Chicago, and just about any major city.  On your FattE-Bike, it’s a breeze to hop around from location to location, and for an awesome self-guided tour, check out this website on murals to visit by bike in Denver.  Make sure you lock up quickly and effectively by using an alarm lock or combined with our folding lock or kryptonite lock as you explore.

2. Breweries

When it comes to breweries, Denver has quite the selection!  As one of the top 5 cities in the country for breweries, the choices are endless and scattered all across the Metro area. To get the ideas flowing here’s 1 idea: start on the Platte trail where there are plenty of breweries in the LoHi / Downtown area nearby and then you can wind your way miles down to the Littleton area where the Breckenridge Brewery sits just off the path.  Just be sure to do small samples with plenty of water in between if you plan to make multiple stops, as no one encourages too much to drink when you are on an ebike or any bike!

3. Trails

Out here in the west, there are tons of bike trails to explore, but they exist all over the country!  For Colorado, the Parks and Rec. Department has created a very cool app called COTREX that can show you routes and let you map out your adventure around and outside the city of Colorado’s plentiful trails!  Check out your local state Parks and Rec. for ideas of trails to explore in your area.

4. Events

Outdoor events are going to be all the rage this summer, between the beautiful weather and people’s desire to not be so cooped up.  It’s also the perfect way to attend an event by ebike. Check out upcoming summer festivals in Denver.

5. Errands

Chores like grocery store trips or doctor’s visits can be a total drag… except on an electric bike!! Suddenly the mundane can be a whole new adventure!  And beautiful summer weather provides the skeptical a chance to get out and use their ebike for more than just recreation. You’ll find riding your ebike for practical reasons to the grocery store makes it a lot more interesting and gives you something to look forward to. As you get more addicted to that feeling of dopamine and find yourself getting healthier, you’ll be more willing to ride your ebike year round!  Something you’d do in a car that is quite boring suddenly you look forward to by FattE-Bike!  Use a pannier to stuff all sorts of items into and get going!

6. Commute to work more by ebike

As with #5 above, resolve to ebike to work!  Start with 1 day a week, and you’ll soon find yourself itching to use it more. You’ll not only enjoy your commute more but you’ll get healthier! One idea is to make a game to challenge yourself by creating a point system and awarding yourself an amount every time you use your FattE-Bike and not your car. Once you’ve racked up enough points, reward yourself with a trip to a favorite local restaurant, a brewery, or an ice cream shop.

7. Picnic in the park

Who doesn’t LOVE a picnic in the park?  The Denver metro area is chalk full of them, and so are many cities.  A simple way to get out on adventure for low to no cost and have fun.  Our cargo bike lets you take the whole family, or even on any of other models as a group!  There are probably plenty of hidden gems in your neighborhood but some great better known one’s are just a few minute ebike ride away – Sloan’s lake, Confluence Park, Wash Park, and many many more. Google your local cities options, stock your pannier, and get picnic-ing!

8. Support local shops

One of the hidden benefits of micro mobility is it allows you to see your city and your local neighborhood in a whole new way!  Shut in our boxed-in cars, we rarely notice the local mom and pop shops we pass by every day.  But on an ebike, you’ll suddenly notice things you NEVER noticed before!  It’s really amazing, but ebikes and other 2 wheeled devices open us up to our environment.   Set out from your house and go explore local shops downtown and even (or especially) in your own neighborhood and you’ll be shocked at how you never noticed this or that store you pass by every day on your car route.  And your patronage and support is much needed after COVID shut so many small businesses down.  You’ll be delighted by all the places you discover AND feel good about supporting local business.

9. Go on a road trip

…and take your ebikes with you!  Our Peñalosa model is the perfect ebike for road-tripping, as it can conveniently fold up and fit in just about any car or RV! But you can take any of our models if you have the right car rack.  You can park your vehicle at your designated camping area and go into the park or nearby town by electric bike to explore while saving money on gas and getting a unique way to tour the area!

10. Cruise with your Crew

Nothing beats taking over the streets and riding with your friends.  First, there’s safety in numbers. Second, you’ll be the envy of everyone as they see you and your crew riding through Denver on your FattE-Bikes.  Get lunch and Get lost!  Enjoy exploring your city and don’t worry about going places you haven’t been before.  Your FattE-Bike will take you there and back again, and you’ll have plenty of stories and memories to share with your friends.