The fatte-bike difference

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What Makes Us Different

Company & Culture




Community Focused

 At FattE-Bikes it’s not about a one-off transaction, it’s about a lifestyle.
We aim to be as accessible as possible and offer the type of superior customer service we all want to receive from a company. We believe our customers are part of a community that is changing that way we commute for good. We put our customers first and want them to feel like they are part of a familly – the FattE family.   
We are not avid professional cyclists in spandex.  We are regular people who created an electric bike that fits a wide range of people and their desire to move and commute differently.  We consciously choose accessory partners like Green Guru, who are aligned with our mission of sustainability and quality. We ofer organized rides to connect with other riders, as well as an online community.  We created an online group where other FattE Owners can connect.  If you find yourself in Denver – stop by our ebike store for a chat or a ride, and maybe even a beer (or kombucha if that’s your thing!).


Born Locally.  Built Locally. 

We are not a middle man like most ebike brands.  We source the highest quality components world-wide but then bring them together to create a high quality, uniquely Colorado, USA built electric bike.  Our engineers, continuously work to improve both the style, design, and power of our electric bikes.   We add more options every day in both our features and accessories that allows our customer’s to CUSTOM create a bike that fits their needs and personality without sacrificing price.  By providing a fully loaded ebike with a vetted range of accessories that allow you to integrate your FattE into your life, we hope to make your choice to commute or make a trip by ebike an easy one.


BEST Ebike for $2000.

Our FattE-Bikes are a superior product for the price point.  We purposely took everything we love about other ebikes and improved upon them, and then added a whole bunch more features.    All the while we committed to keeping our electric bikes at a incredibly competitive price that will make the decision to purchase a FattE-Bike over our competitors an easy one.

In addition, we offer financing with 6 months, 0% percent interest.  To find out if you qualify start HERE.

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  • Battery: built in to frame for sleeker look and overcurrent/water/theft/damage protection
  • 12 magnet Pedal Assist Sensor for faster more reliable response
  • Built in stainless steel cabling to prevent rust or the need for frequent replacement and sleeker look
  • 12g spokes that are stronger and more durable than standard spokes
  • Automatic kill switch to motor when brakes are applied to prevent accidental accelertion
  • Bright and noticeable colors for added safety during the day or reflectors.
  • Double walled rims for more durability and to handle greater impacts
  • Front shocks come with both rebound and lockout
  • Kickstand in a position that allows walking bike backwards without pedal hitting kickstand
  • Holes punched out of rims reducing weight
  • Front suspension shocks and seat post shocks
  • LCD display showing bike speed, trip distance, battery usage and power, total distance traveled, and more.
  • Full package – rack, GG bags, cell phone, sport fenders
  • A powerful 48/13 volt battery & 500-750 watt motor for either longer range or more power
  • Adjustable handlebars