By Harry Todd

FattE-Bike GPS System – One of the silver linings to the chaos of 2020 is that bike sales have been through the roof. According to New York Times article from May 2020, sales have skyrocketed across the country; in March alone, sales of electric bikes rose 85%, with the industry continuing to boom over the summer.

While these numbers are heartening for the nation’s bicycle and green transportation enthusiasts, there’s also a flip side to these numbers: bicycle theft has also skyrocketed in 2020, with an increased amount being stolen out of the owner’s garages. The Denver Post reported that bike thefts have increased by 18% this year, with no signs of stopping as more bikes than ever are being sold on a daily basis.

There’s no two ways about it: if you’re going to invest in an electric bike, you’ve gotta make sure it’s taken care of. We know it, you know it, and now we’re actually doing something about it. Something that nobody else who builds bikes is doing – at least affordably. 

Meet The Revolutionary GPS Technology

GPS Device

Our industry leading, fully integrated, anti-theft GPS device! With this tracker, you’ve got the world’s best secret weapon at your hands: knowledge. Better yet, since we’ve inconspicuously integrated the GPS device directly into the frame, a bike thief would have no idea that there’s anything in there stopping them from getting away with your electric bike. It’s inaccessible, meaning that even if the thief somehow knew the GPS was tracking their location, they won’t be able to remove it or shut it off.

Not only that here is the REAL game changer, it has an automatic kill switch on the GPS phone app. That’s right, you can stop a thief in mid-theft. Say you notice your bike is ‘suddenly moving on its own’?  With the click of the button on your app, that GPS will kill the power to the bike instantly.  Bike Thief 0 points – Bike owner 100 points! You’ll always have the upper hand. 

App Compatable

Using the same app on your phone, you’ll be able to set safe zones for your bike. If you’re a commuter, you can set separate zones for your home and your office, and if the bike ever leaves those zones without your knowledge, you’ll get an alert on your phone telling you that something’s up. From there, you’ll have live updates on where your bike is at any given moment. Even if you’re not concerned that the bike has been lifted, you can always check that it’s waiting for you safely at home with just a click on your phone. Whether it’s flying down the highway on the way to a pawn shop or waiting for you safely in your garage, knowing where your bike is at all times is the best insurance policy you could possibly ask for. It can even monitor your ride times and distance, so you can track your trips and commute times.

Register It For Safety

FattE-Bikes Alarm Lock

In addition to securing your E-bike, did you know that it’s easier than ever to insure your brand new FattE-Bike? The serial number that you need to register your bike with the insurance company is permanently embossed in the frame’s head tube, just beneath where the front basket you may have ordered rests. With that, you can add it to a private insurance policy or register the bike with your local police department.

In the event of theft, most police departments will check the serial numbers against their records when they recover stolen bicycles. If you’re Local to Denver like we are, you can register it, otherwise, there’s a National Registry.

We’ll also make sure to give you the serial number associated with the GPS device, so you have a dual-factor authentication system to prove that yes, actually, that is your bike somebody stole.

But, the beauty about our Fat Tire Electric Bike GPS device we offer is that you’ll hopefully never need to insure the bikes to begin with. As soon as you know where the bikes are, you can alert the local authorities to their location and recover the bike as soon as possible.

Still, maybe you never want to have to deal with that. Sure, the GPS device offers a whole lot of peace of mind, but you know what’s better than just peace of mind? Certainty. 

That’s one of the many reasons that we still recommend you secure your bike using a handy dandy, tried and true, bicycle lock. We’ve got a couple of options that you can order alongside your bike, so let’s break them down. 

The Folding Lock

First, we’ve got the Folding Lock. This lovely lock is about as convenient as they come, folding up into a small package that’s easier to carry than just about any lock out there. When you unfold it, you can get the lock around your bike frame and tie it up to a bike rack, street sign, or even another FattE-Bike.

(Hey, it’s hard enough to steal one 60-pound bike; no one’s getting away with two!) If you order the folding lock from us, we’ll even include a little carrying case for it that attaches to the bottle mount on your bike. That way, you’ll always have your bike lock at the ready, whether you’re going on a scheduled trip to the grocery store or making an unanticipated pit stop at the local brewery. This is a durable lock, prepared to withstand anything you may throw at it.

The Alarm Lock

We often pair the folding lock with our Alarm Lock. Actually designed for motorcycles, the alarm lock will attach to your bike’s brake rotor, in effect acting like a city boot placed on a car. The wheel can’t fully rotate, making it hard enough to get away with, but this lock actually detects vibration and will sound an alarm. It’ll start with three warning beeps, telling anyone to back off, but if the vibration persists, a whopping 120-decibel alarm will let you (and anyone else nearby) that something is up.

We’ve had multiple customers tell us that this lock totally saved their bike, and we love seeing it go out the door with our bikes. Before we had the GPS option, it was our secret weapon in the ongoing war against bike thieves. (It still is, but the GPS is specially secret since it’s so inconspicuous.)

FattE-Bikes Knows How To Keep Your Bike Safe

FattE-Bikes App Tracking

No type of lock will ever be as useful as the anti-theft GPS tracking device we offer, however. While locks are more durable than they’ve ever been, bolt cutters keep getting stronger, too. With the E-Bike integrated GPS system built into the bike, a thief would have to tear apart the whole frame just to find it—and that’s after it’s already been alerted to you that the bike is gone. 

So, how do you participate in the biggest bike boom the industry has ever seen without becoming another victim of the surging theft statistics? The answer is simple: with a FattE-Bike.

No other E-Bike Company is as prepared to take care of you as we are. Not only are we building you a 100% unique, totally one-of-a-kind bike, we’re able to help you insure that it’ll never get stolen. As we’ve said in countless other Blogs, we pour a whole lot of love into these bikes because we know that you’ll pour even more in. But we want to make sure that you always have a bike to love, so we couldn’t be more excited about the new GPS system that we offer here.