By Victoria Brunner

including why being one of the only female minority owners and being Built in the USA with the most custom options is not easy, but it’s worth it.

It’s Women History Month!

Seems pertinent to our popular model the Londonderry cruiser ebike – named after Annie Londonderry which you can read more about here. BUT, it also seems notable for me personally. If you are reading this, you’re probably somewhat familiar with my company FattE-Bikes. What you may not know is it happens to be partly female minority owned. By me (that’s me in the pic). An interesting twist in such a heavily dominated male industry (hello dudes on their $$$road bikes zooming past me on the bike path like their practicing for the Tour de France!). I never set out to be a fish swimming upstream, but submersing myself into the electric bike industry, of which I had little to no prior knowledge, has been at times exhilarating and other times altogether exasperating. If you had asked me 4 years ago the difference between a rear hub motor and a mid drive I would have stared at you with a blank look. Now when people ask me their notepad full of questions whether they come to test ride a FattE-Bike in the store, or call us on the phone or email us – I happily rattle off all my hard LEARNED answers without a second thought.

You’re probably wondering why I would even dive into an industry I had no prior knowledge?

I knew when I rode an electric bike for the first time they were going to be a game changer for a lot of people like myself. I wanted men AND women from all walks of life to embrace these vehicles the same way I did. At the same time, I knew we needed to provide a vehicle that could replace a car. Understanding there were a lot of Chinese cookie cutter ebikes out there, we decided to go in the much more difficult direction of building a customizable, quality AND affordable electric bike that people could make their own. That led to us building them in the USA. NONE of which has ever been easy as it requires a more diverse supply chain, creating a Fatte-Bike build system from the ground up, and learning how to design a brand that attracts customers who see the value in locally built and custom options.

So not only did I have to learn everything from the bottom up but THEN I had to figure out how to build a company the industry had never seen before.

And it’s worth it because of YOU guys, the awesome FattE owners and FattE supporters, both men AND women who have been so supportive (keep sending us those FattE pics!).

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