Many books and documentaries have been written about this man, the countries FIRST world class African-American champion – Marshall Walter “Major” Taylor.  Marshall won his first major world champion at the ripe old age of 18 and went onto dominate the sport for several years.  By 1898 Taylor held seven world records including the one-mile, and in 1900 was named the National Cycling Champion.  He is a forgotten hero in black sports history, up there with the likes of Muhammed Ali or Jackie Robinson.  There’s far more to the story of the amazing Major than we could put here in a newsletter so check out this documentary on a grueling 6 day race he won and a book (one of many) on his incredible life.  We named our strongest, toughest, built-for-any situation fat tire cargo bike in honor of this amazing man – the Major T, the only commercially built model of its kind.