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Want a unique gift like no other? Give them the experience of customizing and designing the electric bike of their dreams! We provide beautifully designed gift cards inside their holder with a special video message link included. You can have them sent to anyone or purchase directly from our shop in Denver.

We have three price options:

Standard $1799- Save $200 on our $1999 base model price till Dec 25th! This level is the base bike with a 14.5 amp/h standard battery, LCD, and integrated headlights, includes a choice between our 2 stock color paints.

Premium $2099 (Recommended) – At this level can include more of a variety of options and accessories including full fenders, rear and front racks, stronger batteries, a variety of paint colors to choose from, and more.

Fully Loaded $2399 – Spare no expense!  This package will get your loved one all the bells and whistles on their FattE-Bike with a choice from all premium paint colors, fenders, racks, puncture resistant tires, a stronger battery, ant-theft GPS, and much more!

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