The 1,000 E-bikes Project

FattE-Bikes is a mission driven company providing real world mobility solutions. We've partnered with We Empower Cities to build fleets of ebikes for underserved communities in North, South, and Central America.


District of Pacora, Peru

FattE-Bikes is working with Mayor Pepe Lucho of Pacora to provide100 ebikes by end of this year, with the goal of 1,000 next year. The area is in need of ebikes for a variety of solutions:

  • Families transporting children to school, who currently have to walk up to 12 miles a day
  • Waste Collectors for trash removal and prevention of dumping in rivers
  • Medical and Law enforcement for navigating difficult to reach areas

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Ebikes for Honduras & Costa Rica

FattE-Bikes has already produced ebikes for Honduras & Costa Rica and now is working to get many more there for various projects:

Honduras - In phase I, FattE has partnered with the Central American Bank of Economic Integration, where we've provided bikes to the capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa for use with police, security and medical needs. In phase II FattE will be producing ebikes for farmers to bring their produce to market as well as inclusive mobility solutions for families.

Costa Rica - The small town of Nosara was once car-free. As rapid growth took hold, cars became central and pedestrian fatalies sky rocketed. A vision of returning to a carless town center has brought ebikes front and center. Once successful there, the plan is to grow the project to other towns all over Costa Rica.

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1,000 Ebikes for North America

Ebike Libraries for Colorado and Beyond

We've built multiple ebike libraries for underserved communities including our hometown of Denver, CO, as well as the community of Compton in LA. Now we need partners to help expand projects into Southern Colorado and other cities.

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