Transitioning from a car-centric culture is hard. Especially when you call your home Colorado. With an all-terrain state whose weather is a caffeinated chameleon, a majority of Coloradoan settle for rush hour instead of risking the elements. If we are going to get people not just comfortable without their cars, but excited to to commute without them, FattE-Bikes had to design ebikes for Colorado and therefore, everyone!

For most average commuters, they want their vehicle to feel reliable, safe, and adaptable to them and their routes; especially when making the jump from car to ebike. That is why when it comes to security and dependability, FattE-Bikes is all about fat tires. Pebbles, potholes, and patches of dirt should never be a concern. A rider, especially a first timer, should feel confident on their ebike and trust their own stability to commute anywhere, anytime. To drive less and ride on, an electric bikes tires should be limitless in where it can go.

Choosing the perfect year-round fat tires for Colorado’s landscape was the first part in building the perfect ebike, but there is more to an electric bike’s design than the terrain it travels. The rider is unique in what they need, how they ride, and what they like. Therefore setting folks up with a customizeable, ready-to-go purchase is how FattE-Bikes is changing the game. Our fully loaded ebike is setting our riders up for success in Colorado and all over the United States. No matter who you are or what you like, if you want to journey on the best equipped ebike then you shouldn’t have to piece it together yourself, just hop on and go! 

Keeping true to the city it was born in, these ebikes are built locally in Denver and made in its image; bold, eccentric, and supporting a community of trailblazers. If you find yourself in the front range, come on into our Denver electric bike store and check out our innovative bikes AND shop where we build our bikes. FattE-Bikes is a part of the second bike revolution here in the United States and like the first revolution a hundred twenty years ago, it is a catalyst for change, opportunity, and transformation on a global scale. Cyclist pioneer Marshall Taylor, nicknamed Major T, was a leader in the first revolution and the first world-class athlete. He said, “In a word I was a pioneer, and therefore had to blaze my own trail”, and FattE-Bikes feels the same way. The perfect Colorado ebike does not follow the status quo, it makes a new one.