Health Benefits of Electric Fat Tire Bicycles

Fatt-E-Bikes are trending! You can now gain back the active lifestyle you’ve been looking for & enjoy the heart-health, mental & physical health benefits of Electric Fat Tire Bicycles! Whether you are a seasoned bike-rider, a veteran rider or if you had any injuries, or past health issues, Fatt-E-Bikes is the ride for you! Let’s see what are some health benefits of an electric fat tire bicycle!

Reap The Health Benefits of Fatt-E-Bikes

A Fat Tire Electric Bike can help you enjoy bike-riding once again with its many benefits like improving posture, improving coordination, improves joint mobility, decreases stress levels & helps manage weight gain to prevent any diseases. furthermore if you have had any past injuries or surgeries that had hold you back, Fatt-E-Bikes can be the motivation you need to regain mobility! specially as part of any therapy or recovery, you can use the throttle feature whenever you get exhausted as you gain back your strength of peddling through tough terrains to help you endure longer miles.
With an Electric Fat Tire Bike, you can control when you are ready to let the bike accelerate for you. With it’s 7-gear peddle-assist it makes Fatt-E-Bikes the ultimate choice for Urban & or trail riding. If you ever get winded while riding, get a leg cramp, or just peddled further than you thought, you can control how much peddle you want to apply to gain aid from your bike.

Taking up bicycling with Fatt-E-Bikes? fear rough terrains, rocky trails & winding hills no more! Soon a few miles will seem like a minor bump on the road. An electric fat tire bike can reduce impact shock to your body. Fatt-E-Bikes supplies you with shock-resistance cushions to reduce hard impacts to your body.
For example, our top of the line bikes will provide you the best riding experience:

  • Sgt. Mingo – The Mingo is a sturdy “class II or III hybrid” Fatt-E-Bike with a “mountain bike style” frame that features an external Shimano 7 Speed, 48V 750W Brushless Rear Motor with front shock suspension that weights 57 lbs with 26*4.0 Fat Tires.
  • Londonderry – The Londonderry is a comfort “class II or III hybrid” Fatt-E-Bike that provides a smoother, comfortable ride with it’s upright seated position & It’s 26inch X-tra durable, double-walled rims. Feel fearless to explore around town in style & comfort.
  • The Peñalosa – Our Peñalosa “class II or III Hybrid” Fatt-E-Bike features seat cushion suspension to absorb impact of any terrain. With an 48V 500W Brushless Rear Motor, 20inch X-tra durable, double-walled rims makes this bike only weigh 42 lbs without the battery. Time to take charge of your riding experience with The Peñalosa.

Things to consider regarding other cardio exercises

• Running, jogging or any intense cardio exercise can be heart-healthy but can eventually cause wear and tear to your knees & joints if any bad movements is made, which throughout time could jolt the discs in your spinal column.

• Cycling on stationary bicycles does give knees & joints a break. However, you are restricted to indoors, stationary, and boredom, coincidentally, does set in. As a result, being stationary would make sustaining a long-term health goal quite difficult. Many find that to sustain an active lifestyle change to aide your overall health, you must find something you enjoy doing which will boost you experience.

• Stationary cycling does not give you the added benefits of sunshine, vitamin-D that is sorely necessary for raising your serotonin-levels nor does it give you the adrenaline, adventure, or appeal of outdoor scenery that a Fatt-E-Bike would. This naturally produced chemical Serotonin in the brain is thought to regulate your anxiety, happiness, and overall moods. Therefore, one must consider the long-term effect of a stationary bike.

• Indoor Cycling gets you in a Gym and gets you out of the house and in a group setting. However, being in an enclosed space with several people breathing heavily and exerting themselves can also expose you and leave you vulnerable to infectious air-borne diseases as is so with the current stream of events involving the Covid-19 pandemic. Such is even true with more common diseases such as the Flu, or a cold

• Those with any past surgeries or health issues like Lumbar spinal stenosis would reap the benefits of a leaning forward position which a bicycle-seat and handlebars provide. With an electric fat tire bicycle not only will you enjoy the comfort of a low-impact exercise you will have the added benefit of significantly reduced shock that is not found in regular bicycles!

What else does Fatt-E-Bikes have to offer?

Fatt-E-Bikes is a fully customizable eco-friendly electric bicycle that features fat tires! Other bike companies use paint that is made of harmful chemicals which chips easily, Fatt-E-Bikes use only Eco-Friendly powdered coat paint that wont damage you or the environment. Stability and visibility are necessary for helping you stay safe on the bike; an electric fat tire bike gives you just that. With a fat tire electric bike, you have more girth and width with a fat tire giving you ample traction as opposed to a regular thin flimsy tire on the road or terrain. Therefore you can have confidence with Fatt-E-Bike tires since they are all-terrain, all-weather, all year-round!

Not only that, but you also are never stranded with our puncture-resistant tire liners and long life-battery! You will never be down and without, should you become victim to theft, with our anti-theft GPS tracking, rest assure that you can park anywhere you want to go.

With all the incredible features available I would be remiss to not mention the amazing feature of an LCD screen C600. Which supplies a wide range of functions and indicators to fit the users’ needs such as riding mode choice, speed display, KM/H and MPH, distance indicator, trip time indicator, and much more.

Also now that The Bureau of Land Management are promoting e-bikes as the safest way to explore public lands throughout the United States. they want to increase the recreational opportunities through the use of electro ic bicycles for being the safest way to ride.

Does Fatt-E-Bikes weigh more than the average bike?

Yes, each bike weighs around 42 lbs. without the battery, however, this does not make it heavy to maneuver. Why? while in motion you will regain more stability as the bike rides. Even if you do not have developed any strength in your upper body, torso, or legs. You will over time through use. That is great but what about now or until then?

You will be able to hold up and maneuver your Fatt-E-bike since not only does it have a kickstand, but they also have wide-set tires that give you more than the average stability of other bikes! Furthermore, it is Electric, so you do not need to push or always peddle. Once you have grown accustomed to peddling the weight of your bike, you will have the added benefit of peddling not just your weight but that of the bike itself.

Fatt-E-Bikes Is The Bike For You!

If you’re still thinking considering Fatt-E-Bikes into your life, keep in mind that we provide demos, rentals and group rides available upon appointment only! Not to mention our Fatt-E-Bike ships out pre-assembled reducing the headache of putting one together! The final benefit you will love is our monthly payment plan of paying overtime, which can reduce the stress on both your pocket and your heart-health too. Get adventure, fun, and an active lifestyle back with Fatt-E-Bikes !