By Kenny Fischer

FattE-Bikes Build in the USA
FattE-Bikes Built in the USA

FattE-Bikes Built In The USA – What does “Built in the USA” mean to you?  More importantly what’s the value you put on a US built electric bike over one built in China (as 99% of imported ebikes are)?

To us, it’s not just about keeping it local, but also quality of work, pride of work, and unlimited customization capabilities.

If you’re unsure of the real value behind a US built electric bike, let us tell you why FattE-Bikes is the ONLY company in the country to build fat tire electric bikes right here at home.

Let Us Explain

In order to explain how we got to this point let’s go back to where it all started.  If nothing else, it will give you a good idea how other ebike companies do business vs how FattE-Bikes does.  

To produce an affordable electric bike we first had to find a manufacturer.  The majority of which are based in China.  So, like most companies we began working with a manufacturer and suppliers overseas.  However, after receiving the finished product we quickly noticed some serious quality control issues.  

This Brings Us To Our “Quality Of Work”

Not only did we experience a lot of paint scratches and damage during this time (due to the cheap liquid paints that most companies use), but the builds themselves were simply subpar.  It’s easy to tell that they were thrown together as quickly as possible and the final product was one that we would have some serious safety concerns around.  This just wasn’t ok and not how we wanted to present ourselves and our bikes.  Yet, this is how most of the largest players in the ebike industry are doing it today.  They receive the finished product (built in China but rebranded in the USA) and ship it off to the awaiting consumer.  

FattE-Bikes takes quality control seriously and has a 20 point inspection checklist testing every bolt, battery, motor, brakes, lights & more.  We also test ride every bike that we’ve hand built prior to it going out the door.  Fact is, quality control means companies are putting their customers safety first.  If the ebike you’re considering is coming direct-from-China (as most are) then just know it was built on an assembly line for rock bottom prices rather than sky high quality.  

This Brings Us To “Pride Of Work”

How can one be proud about something they never built to begin with?  Sure companies have design and component input on their products, but if they’re not actually building them then do they really care or is it just about making a bike to make a buck?

Most ebikes are built on an assembly line.  This means that there are many people building this bike as they each only do one thing.  One person adds pedals, another the chain, another a wheel.  In the end, there’s a completed bike, but a complete disconnect within the build process.  Therefore any small error can affect the entire integrity of the bike.  And all that before the company selling it to you has even gotten their hands on it.  Once they do, they’ll simply ship it off to you barely checking anything other than that it’s the right color and model.  

FattE-Bikes Made in the USA
FattE-Bikes Made in the USA

No Assembly Lines!

At FattE-Bikes we don’t use an assembly line.  Every mechanic has their own dedicated workstation and each person builds their own bike.  This way, our mechanics know how the bikes come together from start to finish.  From there, the mechanic who built the bike does a self inspection and test ride before our lead mechanic goes over it for final approval. 

We take care in building the best electric bikes we can and we know what goes into them better than anyone.  Speaking of what goes into the bikes, the number one reason why our customers appreciate that we’re built in the USA is that they can customize their bikes. 

Finally & Most Importantly, Our “Customization Capabilities”

After starting out in a similar fashion as other companies we knew we wanted to do things differently and in 2018 is when the real shift occurred for FattE-Bikes.  

Trade wars were on the horizon and we had already been discussing how we can source as many parts locally as possible. Then a few months later as the tariffs were enacted creating a near 25% increase in taxes we knew we had to make changes quick. 

As you’ll see from this CBS4 Interview that we were hit hard by the increased tariffs however decided to use it as a catalyst to build our bikes ourselves.  This would not only give us greater control over our product, but also open up the doors to what truly makes us the amazing electric bike company we are today.  

FattE-Bikes is the world’s most customizable electric fat bike.  Find another one that can offer more customization than us and I’ll eat my words.  For now, FattE-Bikes holds the title and can easily produce well over 10,000 different combinations of bikes.  

Customize Your FattE-Bike

FattE-Bikes Built In The United States of America
FattE-Bikes Built In The United States of America

Most companies only offer one or two basic colors.  BORING!  Plus, what’s so special about bikes that are all the same?  They’re cookie cutters that just look like all the rest.  Whereas with a FattE-Bike you can create the bike of your dreams.  Personally, I feel like I’m the guy with the “cool car” for the first time in my life.  And yes, it’s my FattE-Bike.  And why shouldn’t I feel that way? 

It’s got a Bomber Orange frame, with Galaxy black front and rear racks and Metallic blue fenders.  Plus, I’ve added the dual headlight, a left side mirror, upgraded 17.5ah battery & Anti-Theft GPS.  This puppy’s loaded and I love it!  

Is that how you feel about the bikes you’re considering?  Can you truly make them your own?  Will you see it when you walk by and have the urge to hop on and ride?  Will it call to you?  I can tell you first hand that your FattE-Bike will be addictive to ride and contagious to see.  You’ll cause the #rubberneckeffect to anyone who sees you and your super sweet FattE-Bike.  

We don’t want to wear the same clothes as other people, or the same shoes or even drive identical cars, so why should we have to with our ebikes? There’s no need to settle for a bike that’s built overseas with less quality control, less colors and far less custom options.  FattE-Bikes not only cost less than so many more expensive bikes with half the value, but our bikes also only cost a few hundred dollars more than the cheaper bikes (with half the value).  

Which Brings Us Back To The Original Question…  

What does “Built in the USA” mean to you?  And more importantly what value do you put on a company building locally, ensuring quality control, being proud of what’s produced rather than disconnected from it, and offering customization that you’ll never find anywhere else?  

I hope you can now see how we got to where we’ve come to be.  This journey’s been about you as much as it’s been about me.  That’s why our bikes are proudly built in the USA by us, but completely customized by you.

For just a little more than the other guys, you’ll get a whole lot more with FattE-Bikes!  Be proud of what you ride & be proud of where it came from!