Fatt Elite

The Fatt-Elite difference

Why choose Fatt-Elite Bikes

Fatt-Elite is FattE-Bikes line of electric bikes specifically designed with law & government enforcement needs in mind.  The only manufacturers of tactical electric bikes to be BUILT in the USA, Fatt-Elite can customize your Ebike fleet- everything from colors to decals to police lights, components, License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras, and more.

Fatt-Elite can offer a wide selection of electric bikes. We produce a variety of Ebike models to suit different riders and for different purposes

Fatt-Elite can produce Ebikes in a price range that’s AFFORDABLE: 2 different motor options, departments can choose models that fit within budget. Both are exceptional.

Fatt-Elite bikes are designed for speed, functionality and tactical use. They come fully equipped with everything needed including lights, racks, fenders, tire liners and much more

Tactical Advantages of FattE-Bikes

Our Fatt-Elite bikes are built with your organizations needs in mind. In addition to our customization abilities, our fat tire electric bikes can provide a range of advantages out in the field. They are diverse in all-weather, all-terrain, and built for the field. See some of the testimonials below:

How many miles are they typically ridden when used?

We used to ride about 10 miles a shift. Now we’re able to increase our route and range by riding 30 miles a shift!

How has it changed the way you patrol?
We cover much more ground and our officers are not as tired. We even had an officer beat a car to a call that was 2 miles away because they could not get through traffic as fast as the bike could ride the trails and sidewalk!
Has it affected community engagement with the officers in any way?
Yes, everytime they are out on one people ask about them. Often they comment on how glad they are to see us using EBikes.
What are the biggest advantages you've found to using the Ebikes?
The biggest is making it through a shift without having ‘ridden’ a bike all day. Riding a bike with police duty gear is taxing. This is a game changer. We are able to ride in comfort and have fresh legs when we get to calls.

SOME of Our Current Partners

Broomfield Police

Lakewood Police – Community Action Team 

Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)



  • Patrol officers
  • Community Action officers
  • Homeless Navigation / Homeless Outreach Teams
  • Parking & Traffic Enforcement – LPR Camera compatible Ebikes 
  • School, Mall and Event Security
  • Fish and Wildlife Services
  • Animal Services
  • Code Compliance
  • National Park Service

If Interested and for more information contact: [email protected] or call 720-440-2971 Ext. #1