APRIL 2022

Posted Friday, April 15, 2022

Last Updated July 29th, 2022



Electric bicycles are accessible and effective in reducing car trips and reducing air pollution. In addition to Denver's incentives for energy efficient appliances, the City of Denver is offering instant rebates on the purchase of ebikes.

Ebike rebates are available in State of Colorado cities, and we have good news for you. Denver is offering rebates on the purchase of electric bikes in Denver. The Denver electric bike incentives start in late April, 2022.

Ebike shop in Denver

What Are The Denver Electric Bike Incentives?

You can get an instant rebate of $400 on a qualifying Denver ebike purchase, and $1,200 for income qualified residents. All Denverites that buy an ebike in Denver get an additional $500 incentive for electric cargo bikes, making the Denver electric cargo bike rebate $900 for residents, and $1700 for income qualified residents.

There is some fine print to the City and County of Denver rebate program for ebikes, but it's not much:

  1. Purchases must be made at a 'brick and mortar' ebike shop in Denver.
  2. Full-suspension electric mountain bikes are excluded.
  3. ebike is capable of propelling the bike only up to 20 miles per hour without pedaling.

Ebike Shop In Denver, Electric Bikes Built in the USA

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Denver Ebike Eligibility

Electric bikes must meet the following criteria for the Denver rebates:

  • Full-suspension mountain bikes are excluded.
  • Motor must be 750W or less
  • Must have pedal assist functionality
  • Throttle assist up to 20 mph only
  • Must have a safety switch on the throttle.

Front-suspension is allowed, as is seat suspension. Fat tires give you comfortable suspension due to their lower air-pressure). You can still ride comfortably!

Note also the safety switch requirement.

Eligible E-Cargo Bikes

Electric cargo bikes are used for going grocery shopping, transporting friends and family to appointments, and for fun. Electric cargo bikes save you gas money, parking costs, time, and are just more fun.

There are a few details about what is an e cargo bike for the Denver ebike incentive:

  • Must have an extended frame to carry extra people or cargo
  • A cargo rack is included as standard component of the frame
  • Rear racks must have attachment points for adding a cargo box, child seats or baskets
  • The e cargo bike has a published total weight capacity rating of at least 400 lbs.

 electric cargo bike built at an electric bike shop in Denver

Applying for The Incentive Voucher for Denver Ebikes

First step is to go to Denver's ebike voucher site to get your voucher. To qualify for the $400 voucher, you must be a Denver resident.


Have some proof of residency ready. Utility bills, mortgage or lease contracts and bank statements work. It’s pretty simple. See the full list of documents that qualify you for the Denver ebike rebates.

Not a Denver resident? If you live in Longmont, check out the Longmont Ebike Rebate, or other electric bike rebate programs in Colorado.

How Do I Meet The Ebike Rebate Income Qualified Requirements?

You can get a $1,200 rebate off your ebike in Denver if you are income qualified.

To meet the income qualification requirements for the Denver ebike rebate, applicants must meet any one of these:

  • Current enrollment in LEAP = Low Income Energy Assistance Program
  • Current enrollment in CARE = Colorado Affordable Residential Energy program
  • Currently enrolled in WAP - Colorado Weather Assistance Program
  • Currently enrolled in XCEL Energy‚Äôs demand side management program
  • Enrolled currently in SNAP - Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
  • Enrolled currently in TANF - Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program


OR your household income is below 60% of Colorado’s median income, below 200% of the federal poverty level, or below 80% of the area’s median income.


If you meet any of these, you can get an electric cargo bike for $1800 OFF from FattE Bikes. How does getting a BRAND NEW vehicle for about $1000 out of pocket sound?


How To Use Your Denver Ebike Rebate Voucher

Once you have your voucher, ask yourself, "what's the best ebike shop near me"? FattE Bikes, of course - the only ebikes built in Colorado by Master bike mechanics! Our ebikes are usa built!

Find your way to us and bring your voucher. We apply the voucher amount to the purchase price of your fat tire electric bike. That's $500 off all made in Denver ebikes, and $900 or $1700 of all electric cargo bikes built in Denver. We’ll throw in another $100 off as well!

Ebike Accessories

Most ebikes come with mechanical disc brakes, but you might upgrade to hydraulic disc brakes if you are used to riding a bike that has them.

It doesn't rain much in Denver, but you might get a rain cover to protect your bike from the sun and dust.

Bike theft does occur in Denver, so get a heavy duty chain lock and an Alarm Disc Lock to alert you when someone is trying to move your bike.

Kryptonite Keeper Chain lock

Will Denver Issue More Ebike Vouchers?

Not all ebike rebate vouchers issued to Denver residents get used, and they expire after 60 days. As those vouchers expire, the City will begin to reissue new vouchers on July 11th.

The City notes that it will reissue vouchers throughout the rest of 2022:

Upcoming release dates for 2022:

  • Monday, October 3
  • Monday, November 7
  • Monday, December 5

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Riding Electric Bikes in Denver

Electric bikes are a great way to get around Denver, and an ideal alternative to driving cars and trucks. Let's clean up Denver's air!

Be sure you know the rules for riding electric bikes in Denver, so we can keep the movement going!

Ready to buy an electric bike in Denver? Get your voucher, and then VISIT OUR STORE to customize your very own ebike built and serviced in Denver.