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Hey guys! Welcome back, Kenny, here with FattE-Bikes. Just wanted to bring you a little bit more tips and tricks and information about our electric bikes. Today, we’re really here to talk about our batteries. A lot of folks, when they go to look for electric bikes, one of their biggest questions or concerns is about the range. How far can I ride on my ebike?

And it’s interesting, a lot of people tend to get range anxiety, thinking that they’re going to head out for the day and the bike is going to go dead. They’ll run out of power and they’ll either be huffing it back, manually peddling a heavy bike or walking it back up to the store. But most people also don’t realize how far (or short) their commute actually is.

And sure, if you were looking to do a more extensive ride, then you’ve got options from stronger batteries, which I’ll tell you about, or even carrying a second battery, or carrying your charger, so that you can stop for lunch somewhere and put some more juice back into your bike.

For the most part, even our standard battery has significant range. That’s going to get you from A to B and back again. No problem. And in fact, here in Denver, you can cross the entire city. It’s about 11 miles and back again on a single charge with no problem. Or you can go from Denver to Boulder, which is frequently a little bit over 30 miles, depending on where you’re starting from, on a single charge. So, you can cover quite a bit of ground.

We also have different battery strengths because different riders have different intentions and goals and so forth. So I’m going to tell you a little bit about that. Because we do customize our bikes, we also offer these different strengths of batteries, where with a lot of companies, you’re going to find what you see is what you get; there aren’t other options.

So our bikes come stock with a 48 volt, 14.5 amp hour battery. And that’s right here on the bike. This is an all-copper Sgt. Mingo for one of our customers that they’re going to be picking up later this weekend and the 14.5 amp hour battery. The range I like to tell people is going to be 25 miles upwards of 45 miles or so on a single charge. And I like to give that sort of range because it’s honest. A lot of companies, or a lot of times when you’re looking online and you’re going to see 50, 60, 80, 100 mile ranges for your batteries. There’s some misinformation there, and it could be a little bit deceiving and a little bit disappointing when you invest in it and find that you’re not going half as far as you had hoped you would.

And it’s the fact that the battery, it’s not about how far the battery can go. It’s about how you’re riding the bike, whether you’re using max assist the entire time or the minimum amount of assist, whether you’re riding on flat terrain or on hills, whether you weigh 108 pounds or 308 pounds, all of these things will play a factor into the actual range of the bike. So, we like to give honest estimates and therefore, 25 miles at a minimum.

That’s actually somebody like me because this is my vehicle. So, my goal is to get where I’m going as fast as I can. And I use as much power as possible in that process. I’m still pedaling almost the entire time, working really hard, and getting my workout. I’m not breaking a sweat, but I also know where I’m going. And I understand the range that the battery has. So, it’s no problem. My grocery store is two miles away.

So, our 14.5 amp hour batteries that come stock with our bikes are really going to work perfectly for the majority of riders out there. And I like to say 25 to 45, but I’ve had plenty of customers tell me that they’d gone well over 50 miles and still have two or three bars left. So it is all about how you’re riding the bike.

Otherwise, we do have different strength batteries. We also have a 48 volt, 17.5 amp hour battery. And the actual casing for this is exactly the same. They both come with a little handle that you can pull it off with, but the 17.5 is going to get you just a few extra miles.

So, maybe 30 to 50 miles or 35 to 55 miles in range. And again, you can definitely exceed that. It’s all about how you’re riding the bike. Then, we also have a premium battery. So we’ve got our standard, we’ve got our upgraded 17.5, and then, our premium 21 amp hour battery. This thing’s a beast; it’s even a bigger battery casing. It doesn’t have that little handle, but it fits right into bike just as the other batteries do. So, it doesn’t look any different. However, it does provide additional range, of course. With those batteries, you’re typically getting over 50 miles. I’ve had riders get up to 80 miles or so, and again, still say they have juice. So it’s all about how you’re riding your bike.

All the batteries have a power switch on the top, so you can see how much power is remaining on the battery. Of course, you get that information on your LCD screen as well. They all have a USB charging port on there, so you can charge your cell phone or something while you’re out on a ride. Very handy to have. Then of course, a charging mount to charge up the battery itself.

So, think about where you’re riding, how you intend to use the bike. Is this your commuter vehicle? Is this your Saturday afternoon joy ride? Do you want to take this up to the mountains and disappear for a couple of days, or are you going to work and back again every day, to the grocery store and back again, to the brewery, your friend’s house and so forth… Most people don’t realize that 80% of all car trips that we take in the city are under 10 miles.

So on one hand, if you want the peace of mind, buy the premium or upgraded batteries. Now, you know you’re going to be able to go further. On the other hand, if you want to save a few dollars, it might not be necessary depending on how you ride. So, think about that as you’re investing in an electric bike and how you would tend to use it.

We’re here for you if you have any questions and would love to tell you more about our bikes, our batteries, the FattE Difference, who we are, and what makes our products so special here. So thank you again, I’m Kenny with FattE Bikes, and we look forward to bring you more tips and tricks soon.