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We are passionate about the electric bike. At FattE-Bikes our mission is less about biking more and more about driving less.

Our Values


Once you get on a FattE-Bike you’ll realize the freedom and advantages of owning your own electric bike. This bike will transform your commute, allow you to run the same errands you did in your car, and give you the ability to travel year round – even during rough weather. Eventually it will integrate into your life so seamlessly you’ll forget why you ever thought you needed to use anything else.


Don’t think of FattE-Bikes as your new cool bike, think of it as the electric vehicle that will replace your 2nd (or only) car. With most trips in the urban environment being less than 5 miles you’ll get places faster, effortlessly passing by traffic with ease. Free from car payments, gas, insurance, you can ride anywhere the road or bike paths take you.


Release your inner child! Remember how amazing it was to ride your bike when you were a kid? Yeah we do too and we know getting on our electric bike will reignite that feeling. You’ll begin to look for excuses to get on your FattE, even just to run errands to the grocery store, take a moonlight excursion, or meet up with a posse of other FattE-Bike enthusiasts at the local brewery!




Personal motto, “Don’t worry about jumping the gun, just focus on being the bullet”.

Kenny has over two decades of experience as an entrepreneur for various business ventures, as well as sales background in multiple technology companies. In his most recent venture, Kenny was the founder and promoter of the largest Upcycle festival in the United States, supported by the Mayor and City of Denver, and attended by over 12,000 people.

Kenny is a visionary who understands that transportation is in the process of a major shifting of how people move themselves around.  He aims to bring that shift to the masses via FattE-Bikes.  Kenny sees electric bikes as the best of both worlds – having all the fun of a bike and freedom of a car. Kenny’s so convinced that ebikes are the greatest Electric Vehicle (EV) to ever exist that he’ll bet his britches on it.  Really.  He dares you to take him up on that bet. Who knows, you may be the lucky winner of some dirty ol jeans.  But it’s doubtful.

He is assisted in these dreams by his supportive and exasperated wife, his two beautiful (and eye-rolling) daughters, and his zoo of pets.



Victoria has an MBA in Sustainable Business, and a BS in, uhh, electric bikes of course!  She brings over two decades of experience in the non profit and for profit worlds. Her projects range from advancing school and community gardens to selling wind energy door-to-door (yes really).  Victoria used to ride her bike as a kid and then grew up and forgot that feeling. Now she has her FattE-Bike and she gets to relive that nostalgia all over again, everyday!

Victoria has lived in Denver since 2001 and is actively involved in the local government committees and community groups. Victoria loves the vision of a world where cities and urban environments are human-centered and designed for people and their bikes.



Operations Admin

Having lived the larger part of her life in Colorado after returning from Mexico, Ariana is a lover of the outdoors and sustainability. Lucky enough, electric bikes are the perfect intersection of these values! Assisting the FattE-Bikes team in all manners, from assembly to customer support, Ariana strives to bring these bikes to those who would genuinely benefit. After a climbing accident that injured her knee, she believed her cycling days were over. Her whole world changed when she rode an E-bike for the first time. Now, she uses her FattE for most of her travelling. She swears that not only are her rides pain free, the bike is helping her rehabilitate her knee!

Ariana has spent most of her young adult life working for environmental and social causes. She has canvassed for a national environmental lobbyist group, helped promote a media group that worked to inspire and educate Latino-Americans, and been involved with sustainability, design, and engineering focused organizations. Now, she is beyond enthusiastic to be a part of the green transportation revolution!



Lead Wrench (or Bike Mechanic)
Scott was born in Denver, grew up in Castle Rock, lived here his whole life. He has a 16 year old son and 2 doggies.  On bikes – in his words:
“I have been into BMX bikes since I was a little kid. Learning tricks on a BMX bike requires crashing, which requires learning how to and repairing your own bike, a whole lot. I still love to ride BMX bikes at dirt and skateparks or just down any street or parking lot. I got my first job in a bike shop when I was 20. Hired as a bicycle assembler. I have worked as a mechanic or service manager in this industry starting 21 years in 2019. I’ve also moved furniture, bartended, landscaped, cooked, waited tables…I prefer turning wrenches nowadays 🙂
I got into mountain biking in 1995 and road biking in 2005. I currently have 12 bicycles. I know, I have a problem. I have bmx, beach cruiser, road, mountain, fat, fixed, townie bikes and most recently an e bike. I commute as daily as possible by bicycle, snow or shine. Bicycles warm your insides, both your heart and your mind. It’s safe to say I love them. I also love to try to stoke people out on cycling through wrenching. A dialed bike is a dialed life, or something like that. A mechanic is a bicycle’s doctor. Remember to give your bikes a check up. Safe and dialed cycling to all.”


Sales Rep

Chris was born and raised in Golden, Colorado and holds a Bachelor’s of Science in both Nutrition and Exercise Science from CSU in Fort Collins.  Shortly after college, Chris worked as a Tour Manager in Denver for a huge list of nationally recognized food brands from frozen foods, smoothies, granolas, etc for about a decade.  He is also a certified Master level ranking martial artist with over 20+ years of experience who taught class sessions at his own studio for a number of years in Wheat Ridge.  However, the love of bikes has always been in Chris’ blood since he was a kid growing up on the playground with his tricycle, or up in the Rocky Mountains on his dirtbike, and now to his upgraded Harley Street Bob on the twisty turns up Clear Creek Canyon.  You can regularly find this guy bouldering at your local climbing gym, on the hiking trails with his dog (Bruce Lee) or blasting through traffic on his favorite FattE Bike, the Major T.



Lead Design Engineer

Dustin holds an Associate of Science in Physics, a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and will graduate this year with a Master of Engineering in Energy Engineering.  He has worked as a bicycle mechanic, automotive mechanic, electro-mechanical engineer for biomedical equipment and most recently in the aerospace industry as a design and test engineer for military aircraft escape systems.  He brings a broad background in mechanical design, fabrication, materials, computer aided design, manufacturing, and quality to the Fatte Bikes team, as well as experience and passion for all things bicycle related.  Dustin enjoys the outdoors, bicycling and climbing 14ers.  He doesn’t hesitate to pick up all sorts of projects, whether classic car and bike restoration, home improvement, woodworking, metalworking, electrical or landscaping.  In his spare time, Dustin has volunteered with Kids on Bikes as a bike mechanic, bringing new life into old and used bicycles to donate to less fortunate youth.




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Denver, CO 80204



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